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Chocolate. Vanilla. Choose.

Have you done that exercise where someone holds out their curled-up hands in front of you and tells you that in one hand they have a vanilla sweet and in the other hand a chocolate sweet. “Choose”, they say.

And you choose chocolate.

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Five Ways To Improve Negative Body Image

Negative body image can ruin your life

Five Ways To Improve Negative Body Image Negative body image is at epidemic levels. Hundreds of millions of girls and woman across the planet are struggling with the pain and limitation of negative body image every day, and it is a major contributor to the deadly epidemic of eating disorders. When a girl suffering from…

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Help! Improving My Body Image Is Just Another Thing To DO!

A helping hand to improve your body image

Improving my body image is just anohter thing to do, Sue wrote. It seems overwhelming and another diet seems like an easy solution, she wrote…

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There is Hope for Women’s Mags!!

In the pile of women’s magazines that I’ve been stockpiling, donated by family and friends who know I have this blog, and sometimes bought by me when a headline has really irritated me, I found a mag that I bought and LOVED! I was just flicking through it again prior to recycling it, and was reminded…

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