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Each year women spend hundreds of billions of dollars on products
to make us feel 'better' about ourselves.

First the advertisers make us feel ugly. Then they sell us something to 'fix' it.

Yep, it's dirty.

But the truth is the beauty industry manipulates how you feel and what you believe about the way your body ‘should’ look - they create negative body image for their own profit!

Negative Body Image Seriously Messes Up Your Life

The feelings and beliefs affect every part of your life:
your relationships, ambitions, family, job, wealth -
and every mouthful of food you choose.

And the messages you get about your body are never-ending - we see thousands of perfect supermodel bodies everywhere, advertising everything, subtly beating us up with the message to be successful we need to be desirable, and to be desirable we need to at least try to meet that standard of beauty.

Of course, only about 1% of the world's women look like supermodels. And at least some supermodels are also unhappy with how they look! Yes even super models have negative body image.

After years of bombardment, is it any wonder that 94% of western women have a negative body image and want to change something about their body, and over 80% actively dislike their body? Is it any wonder that we volunteer to go under the knife?

What If You Could....

Fully love food instead of counting, measuring, analysing and feeling guilty every time you judge something you've eaten as 'bad'?

Love moving your body just because it feels good, and not because you have to burn off calories or reshape it to match the current 'official body'?

Be happy and love life? Life is way too short to worry about what other people think about your body. You CAN be happy in your own body.

You can. This is your next step....

If you're ready to try a different way to finally get free, you're in the right place. I'll help you travel a body image journey to a whole new you - and the only thing you'll have to change lovely, is your mind. Yes, you can. 🙂

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