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Going Grey Naturally

going grey naturally

Going Grey Naturally? I’ve written about this before, think about it every time I notice grey roots showing again, and I’m thinking about it again now: going grey naturally? Is there a way to go grey naturally and gracefully? For myself I wonder is allowing my hair to do what it wants to do and…

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Your Attitude and Your Body Image

This popped up in my inbox, I have no idea who wrote it but would love to give credit where’s it’s due – if you know, please let me know. Meanwhile please read on, this is just wonderful 🙂 There once was a woman who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed…

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Negative Body Image Barbie – Is She Really Responsible?

negative body image barbie - is she really responsible

Negative Body Image Barbie – I’d Like to See That 🙂 Often when conversations about negative body image come up, someone raises the idea that Barbie starts it all – imagine the pretty pink package: Negative Body Image Barbie. Hilarious! But seriously, I’ve been uneasy about Barbie for as long as I can remember, even…

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