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7 EFT Tapping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

EFT tapping is simple and easy to learn, but did you know that it’s still possible to make mistakes?  Here are some of the common mistakes people make when tapping: 1. Not Tapping Often Enough The more you tap, the better the results.  Experts recommend at least five minutes of tapping three or more times…

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Relieve Fears and Phobias with Meridian Tapping

Have you been trying – unsuccessfully – to manage your fears and phobias? Many of us have fears which can be big or small.  Sometimes, people develop irrational fears or phobias that they can’t control.  People may have a fear of flying, enclosed spaces, crowds, spiders, or speaking in public.  These fears or phobias can…

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EFT to Improve Body Image

EFT Tapping has been around in various forms for about 30 years now, and is becoming a very popular way to deal with all kinds of personal development issues because it works, and using EFT to improve negative Body Image issues is massively effective. I’ve written many articles over the years about EFT to improve…

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I Want A Flat Stomach

women are not ment to have flat stomachs

Ms R wants a flat stomach, and worries constantly that her stomach is not flat enough.

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Did you create your negative body image?

negative body image brick wall

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how our lives roll out, the things we create, and if that applies to how you create your negative body image. Or if you even do create it…

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How to do EFT tapping – video

I can’t believe I haven’t made a how to tap video before this – several people have suggested this would be useful to have on the site to refer to, so here it is. If you’d like a diagram of EFT points please click here to see EFT on a page.

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Is Negative Body Image Normal?

Is Negative Body Image Normal? What is something that almost every woman deals with every day, and almost every man is completely puzzled by: it’s negative body image. And it’s become so “normal” now, that we barely recognise it’s a problem. I’d like to propose that negative body image is ‘usual’ but it’s not normal.…

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