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Reclaiming Skinny Bones

I had an epiphany this morning, one of those out-of-the-blue moments that first took my breath away and then had me following the thought and the feelings  it brought up down a rabbit hole I didn’t know existed! I thought I’d share it here because it might ring a bell for you, and help you…

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How Do I Stop Purging?

Sandy, My question is – how do you stop purging? I have an eating disorder and can’t stop purging. I also restrict, then when I eat something unsafe-feeling I purge which happens lots daily. What do you think I should do? ~Katie Katie, are you in any kind of treatment program? If not it’s important…

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Post-Cosmetic Surgery Scars Causing Deep Sadness

hand on heart for self care

I have a body image issue that keeps me very stuck in deep sadness. I had a cosmetic surgery operation, it left me with long scars. I feel like a freak and am just so sad all the time.

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