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What’s The Deal With Hating Fat?

fat talking

Everyone has an opinion on body fat – some say fat will kill you, some say fat will give you cancer, some say fat is just fat, and some say fat is ugly. And there are as many opinions about fat people: lazy fat gluttons who have no self discipline, stuff their faces with junk…

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Did you create your negative body image?

negative body image brick wall

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how our lives roll out, the things we create, and if that applies to how you create your negative body image. Or if you even do create it…

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Sugar Is In Everything!

Sugar is everywhere

Sugar Is In Everything! If you’re anything of a label nazi you’ll know that sugar hides in the most unexpected foodstuffs, it seems sugar is in everything. Often it’s in the form of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), particularly in drinks of all kinds. Here in Australia we’re lucky to not have HFCS in our soft…

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Physical Side Effects of Weight Loss

Dieting has a huge range of side effects that no one talks about. They were identified during the Minnesota Starvation Study, and you probably recognise them.

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Health at Every Size For Beginners

Dieting to lose weight is often sold to us as the solution for negative body image, for criticizing our bodies, or for not having a perfectly-conforming fashion-model worthy body. The negative side effects of dieting are profound though, and causing a dysfunctional judgemental relationship with food is probably one of the nastiest! But there is…

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Loving Your Body Makes You Fatter?

It was very disappointing, distressing even, that maybe the most ‘famous’ body image advocate, Jess Weiner, recently spoke about how ‘loving her body made her ill’. Other than mentioning it I am not going to address it really, others have spoken at length about it. But what’s changed my mind is a couple of conversations…

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Time to end fat talk every day and change your life!

Fat talk has hit the headlines three times already this week, and it’s only Wednesday! It’s time to end fat talk, starting here. Fat Talk Round One First up, research from the UK ‘proved’ what a bitchy lot we women are, judging one another based on weight within 20 seconds of meeting! If that isn’t…

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Ten Ways to Celebrate International No Diet Day

Friday May 6 is International No Diet Day. As a woman who used to diet, and speaks all the time to other women who used to diet or who are still dieting, or thinking that they should be dieting, it’s worth giving a few minutes of attention to what the day’s about. Wikipedia says: The…

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Why I’m Grateful to Weight Watchers

I know, that not something you’d ever expect me to say, right? But I am grateful to Weight Watchers, not because I reached my ‘goal weight’ with their programmes – I never did, any of the three times I signed on with them – but because something that happened during a lecture helped free me…

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Be Thin, Then Love Your Body

I’ve written about this before, but I still need to get it out of my system, it seems! 🙂 And ‘it’ is the idea that before we can love ourselves, and our bodies, we first have to be ‘thin’, whatever that means. Automatically, most people will say, “Well that means you have to be a…

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