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The Four Hour Body Triggered Something Ugly

I’m reading Tim Ferris’ monster opus, The Four Hour Body and noticed something really interesting and disturbing in myself! So interesting and disturbing that I had to stop reading and do some emotional clearing before I could continue. I’m only about 60 pages in so far, of a nearly 600 pager. Some background: Tim Ferris…

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How Do We Develop Negative Body Image?

How Do We Develop Negative Body Image?   I’ve thought a lot about how we get to the point where we feel so unhappy and have such negative body image that we will do anything to ‘fix’ our poor flawed bodies, and so far away from being in bliss with the body we have. Read…

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Thin Is Healthy, Everyone Says So

I don’t watch much commercial television these days, life’s too short to watch ads, in my opinion. When I did watch the post-news current affairs shows, I was struck by how popular diet stories are, there’d be at least one per week. And if not diets then food, and if not food then other ‘miracles’…

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What Men Think Of Women

500 men gave their opinions about women’s bodies – their opinions are much gentler than you’d expect.

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False Hope Syndrome: The Headcase for Dieting

It’s interesting to ponder why people keep trying one new diet program after another, over and over, when they’ve failed over and over.

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Why Diets Don’t Work

Rethinking Thin

Why Diets Don’t Work US science journalist Gina Kolata was curious about why diets don’t work, so she spent two years trying to find out why. She followed a study at the University of Pennsylvania which compared the effectiveness of the low-carbohydrate Atkins Diet with a well-regarded low-calorie diet, the LEARN programme. After the study…

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Test your body image with this body image quiz

Negative body image can ruin your life

Body image is your opinion of how you look, and usually has very little to do with how you actually look.

Does your body image really have an influence on the quality of your life?

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