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Chocolate. Vanilla. Choose.

Have you done that exercise where someone holds out their curled-up hands in front of you and tells you that in one hand they have a vanilla sweet and in the other hand a chocolate sweet. “Choose”, they say.

And you choose chocolate.

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Going Grey Naturally

going grey naturally

Going Grey Naturally? I’ve written about this before, think about it every time I notice grey roots showing again, and I’m thinking about it again now: going grey naturally? Is there a way to go grey naturally and gracefully? For myself I wonder is allowing my hair to do what it wants to do and…

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How Do We Develop Negative Body Image?

How Do We Develop Negative Body Image?   I’ve thought a lot about how we get to the point where we feel so unhappy and have such negative body image that we will do anything to ‘fix’ our poor flawed bodies, and so far away from being in bliss with the body we have. Read…

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