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Carolyn’s Facial Fitness Review Part 1

Carolyn’s Facial Fitness Review Part 1 I’m very anti-botox and I know there are plenty of botox alternatives, but I’m more about support-your-body so I decided to give this program a try and do a Carolyn’s Facial Fitness review while I’m about it. First the backstory: I had to get a new drivers licence a…

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Botox Side Effects: Can it Damage Your Relationship?

When I was in a class years ago in counselling school about helping clients with depression, the lecturer shared one weird way that had been proven an effective part of a treatment to help lift the fog. For me, it also paved the way for the discovery of some unexpected botox side effects (and discovering…

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Would You Botox Your Armpits?

It’s now becoming so unacceptable for women to show that their body is normal in that they SWEAT when it’s hot, that doctors are offering armpit botox!

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