About Body Bliss Central and Sandy

Ninety-four percent of women want to change something about their bodies

98% of women speak cruelly to their bodies many times each day.

Each day.

Many times.

It seems crazy that all that inner cruelty and pain is summed up in a tidy clinical phrase:

Negative body image.

The consequences of this are…

  • Feeling like other people have to approve of the way you look.
  • Feeling that until you're perfect, you can't have your career you want, the relationship you want, do the fun things you want to...
  • Feeling "not good enough" every minute of every day - and desperately following the 'trend' to try to feel good.
  • Putting your financial future in very real danger because you're spending your money instead on covering your greys, having your nails filled, making sure you're up the with new colours, having fillers, nips, tucks, lipo....

This is nuts.

I created Body Bliss Central because I want to live in a world where every single woman is head over heels in love with her body.

At Body Bliss Central, we...

  • Find out what is really natural, normal, and healthy for women’s bodies. Much of what we’ve believed over the years is great for corporations who want to sell us stuff, and not at all great for our health and wellbeing-- or our wallets!
  • Dump what doesn’t work for you--Diets, obsessing about good food, bad food, 'clean' food, calories, linking your identity to what you eat, and finding your sense of self worth to in the numbers on the scale or the tag on your dress. Otherwise, you’ll never find body bliss.
  • Are a one million percent judgement-free space. Wherever you are, however you look, however you feel is valid and totally ok. And wherever you want to go, however you want to look, and however you want to feel is totally perfect, too!

Hateful body image + negative self talk are choking the life out of you and the rest of the world.

Starving, self-loathing women are not having more good days than bad, are certainly not embracing their dream lives, and are running on empty tanks with zero energy to make this world a better place.

The truth is, the only way to reach your health, wellness and financial goals is to start by accepting yourself and your body today, right now, exactly how it is.

You don’t need to change first. What a relief!

Is it ok if you want to lose weight?

Absolutely! As long as you start here with learning to accept and love yourself as you are first.

Is it ok if you decide to wear makeup, get your nails filled and dye your hair?

Of course! As long as you start here with learning to accept and love yourself as you are. I totally believe it's every woman's right to do whatever she wants to do with her body.

Is it ok if you’d really love to have a flat stomach and do a hars-arse bootcamp to get ‘in shape’?

If that’s what lights you up, then yes! Do it! As long as you start here with really feeling and believing that the way you are right now is good enough!

Most women think they can’t love themselves until they lose weight or are in perfect 'shape'.

I get emails from women all the time telling me that they’d love to fall in love with their body, but that’s not possible until they shed a few kilos. Or have a thigh gap. Or washboard abs. Or 'get back their body' after having a baby.

It makes me want to scratch my eyes out!

When you start focusing on your whole life, you feel good and start a vicious cycle of doing more things that make you feel wonderful!


I’d love for you to make a decision today to start feeling good about your body and your life. The first step is to gift yourself five minutes to love your body more!

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I created this short but so powerful video as a jump-starting game-changing first step towards your own body bliss.

  • Learn this amazing five minute process, once
  • use the process any time anywhere anywhen to get a massive flood of self-love in just seconds
  • No one else will even know you're doing it!

I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Sandy Ross, holistic counsellor and body bliss coach. That means I help all kinds of women to fall in love with their bodies so that they can live the blissful, ideal life they’ve always dreamed of.

  • It really doesn’t matter if you’re ultra thin (growing up I was so skinny that “Skinny” became my nickname!).
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re bigger and curvier than the girls you see idealized in movies, music, media, etc. (I dieted my way up the scales for twenty years!)
  • It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, change your body shape, or switch bodies with your best friend.

I want to make one thing very clear about Body Bliss Central:


Feeling bad about yourself is Not About Your Weight!

My mission is NOT to tell you to change anything about your body.

My mission is to give you permission to love who you are right now, this minute, today and every day for the rest of your life, so that you can HAVE the life you always wanted, living IN, nurturing and really caring about your body's wellbeing, health and vitality, no matter what you weigh!

This is a pretty personal journey. Let me tell you a bit about myself so that you’ll feel at home here.

Growing up, I was a real skinny kid. A tomboy, too! Like you, I can vividly remember how scary and awkward it was when I started to “become a girl”.

It was around that time when I was shipped off to boarding school, the boys started looking at me differently (wasn’t to keen on that!), and I learned from the girls and women around me that it’s normal to be cruelly self-critical about my body.

I was born and grew up in South Africa, lived in the UK, and have been in Australia since I came to University. In every country, women have the the same cruel not-perfect-enough feelings.

No wonder I thought it was ‘normal’!

After getting married, having my beautiful babies, following a career path that included journalism, public relations and online marketing, one morning I woke up with a voice whispering in my ear to become a holistic counsellor

I had no idea what that even was but just one month later I found myself at the world-renowned Endeavour College of Natural Medicine studying - holistic counselling!

World-leading teachers of holistic health and spiritual well being taught me about the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, the incredible wonder of having a human body and that helped me to heal myself of self-loathing and food obsession. This is when I found a new obsession: clearing out the endless body criticism that had been a broken record in my head since I was a kid

My body’s not perfect! It’s had babies, brain surgery, a cancer scare, and put up with years of cruel thoughts from my brain. If I can fall in love with my body, you can fall in love with yours too!

I’m not perfect (I don’t even want to be!) but most days are so good now. Because I love myself unconditionally (especially my imperfections), I’m able to be a confident business owner, mother, and friend. I no longer anxiously look to other people to give me a sense of self-worth.

This means that whether something dreadful happens or someone cuts me off in traffic, it can’t bring me down.


I want to give this gift to all of the women at Body Bliss Central. I want you to have a good day every day, too!

Start with this delightful powerful process to wash yourself in self-loving feeling in a second, any time you want!
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