Why is Zero a Size for Women???

And the answer is – nah you already know the answer: vanity.

The logic goes like this:

Whose logic is that? Yes you know that too: it’s the logic of people who want to sell you stuff. And if it was all open and honest and they outright said that’s what they were doing, it would be okay in some way.

But… it’s not open and honest. It implies a whole lot of meaning about what it means to be a woman, what your purpose is on this planet, and over the last couple of decades it has badly impacted on women’s sense of self-worth.

It’s very easy to say “well don’t let it worry you, just be who you are…”, but it’s so tough to do that when everywhere you look, you see flawless thin young naked white female bodies draped over every kind of thing.

Thousands of images bombard us all day every day that lead to us believing the female body exists to be decorated, modified, used and discarded. (Why yes I do see this makeover of the female from human to thing as a big contributor to the rape culture that is devastating young women around the world – because it causes our men to see women as disposable as well.)

And the question I can’t help but asking myself is this: why are women encouraged to take up less space in the world? And applauded for doing so?

All of this I talk about somewhat endlessly, some days I fall into despair at how pervasive it is, somedays I get excited at the way women are taking back the conversation, and some days I want to dance with joy. Today is one such day – watch Laci Green join in this discussion and see what I mean:

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