Listening to your own voice

It seems to me that the best person to help you love yourself and your body more is you – you’re your lifelong potential-best-friend and most staunch ally.

You’re the one inside your head, listening to every little nitty gritty nasty critical taunt, every little whisper of gratitude, feeling every barb and blessing.

You’re the one who really knows what’s true for you.

And your voice in your own head is the note that’s missing from all the conversations going around about women wearing or not wearing makeup, colouring or not colouring their hair, eliminating entire food groups or more bravely eliminating all food rules from their lives.

Your voice is the one voice that has all the power to change your life. Your voice. Your life. Your choice.

What are you saying to yourself today?

Tell us what you think - you know you want to ;)