97% of Women Speak Cruelly to Themselves Every Day

Stop! You Deserve More!

Did you know a recent survey found that 98% of women speak cruelly to themselves every day? You can STOP that, and change it!

This is a little process that will take just a few minutes to do, and when you get to the end you’ll have a permanent tool you can use any time you notice you’re in a body-cruelty moment, to help you snap out of it.

When you’re in a self-hate moment your body produces stress hormones. Stress hormones are exactly what you want when something big and hairy with sharp teeth is chasing you back to your cave. They make your body move faster (or hide quietly) and add to your survival chances.

But in our world, we all run way too many stress hormones all the time, triggered by the test, the boss, the kids, the bills, your mother, your significant other… and the conversation you have with yourself when you look in the mirror.

Over time our poor bodies get so overwhelmed with all those hormones that we end up exhausted. And then, funnily enough, we can’t cope with any stress.

And all along the way we’re much more vulnerable to the messages of fear and lack that the merchants of negative body image push at us, and we’re more likely to do what they want us to do – buy their stuff – so maybe we’ll feel better.

Are you still with me?

It’s my mission in life to help women and girls inoculate themselves against this awful tide of messages from the merchants so they can love the skin they’re in, go wherever they want to go whenever they want to, do what they want to do whenever they want to, fulfil the dreams they had as young girls, and love every minute of their lives!

We need every single woman – that means YOU – to step up and into your unique feminine power to help us get through this challenging decade we’re living in; to stop worrying about the size of your jeans and focus again on the size of your dreams.

I’ve put together an easy but very powerful PDF and audio to help you break the habit of being cruel to you, and help you remember that you are uniquely, wonderfully beautiful. You can pick it up now in the Bliss Shop for just $7.

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