Women Love Fat News

I just read an amusing post on the top 10 reasons why blogging beats “writing”.

Point 6 drew my interest – apparently if you use “toilet” or “sex” in the title, you draw a bunch of traffic. Mostly male, I’d suggest

To draw female traffic, I’d guess the top words would be “fat” and “diet” and “weight loss” – at least if my stats are anything to go by. I get about 18 hits to my post that talks about how artificial sweeteners make you fat, for every one hit on any other post.

Contrary to what this post’s title says, I think women don’t so much love fat news, as they are constantly looking for the magic bullet that almost every lotion, potion, pill or program promises them. Why constantly looking? Because there is no magic bullet, but for 60 or more years we’ve been told over and over that there is, and it’s in *this* new product.

And we so want it to be true. So we Google for new solutions, and maybe pause here at Body Bliss Central….

Nice to meet you 🙂 I’m Sandy Ross, holistic counsellor and passionate body image coach and advocate. Please stay a while, read some of the free resources to the left, and remember there is no magic bullet but there really is a solution and it starts with the free gift I give you when you join my site. 😉

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