Wendy Shanker – the Fat Girls’ Guide to Life

Wendy Shanker is the author of ‘The Fat Girls Guide to Life’, and she’s got another book coming up very soon called ‘Are you my Guru – How Meditation, Medicine & Madonna Saved my Life’. Wendy is a journalist who’s appeared on the Ricki Lake Show, The View, CNN, CH1 and she’s hosted a style and shopping show on the Oxygen Network, and she’s also written for many women’s magazines and for MTV.

Some of the points we discussed include:

  • Fat and feminism are the two big dirty words
  • Taking the emotion out of ‘fat’
  • The arbitrary nature of ‘ideal’ or ‘average’ weight
  • There is a better way and there is a huge number of women who just don’t want to be sold to look good, and who understand that the pictures that they’re looking at are altered and that the values that they have are more powerful than just how much do I weigh? Or how little do I weigh?
  • Wendy’s $5000 a pound diet, and what she learned about dieting to lose weight during the month she did the program
  • What’s the perfect weight for your life to ‘start’?
  • The incredible power of compliments
  • How diet companies build failure into their business plans
  • How Wendy got to appreciate being in the moment, in her bathing suit
  • Why loving kindness is more motivating than pictures of models in bikinis on your fridge
  • Moving our bodies is a really healthy good accessible option for anyone, that it keeps muscles fit, keeps oxygen moving through my organs – we’ve just trained our minds to think that if it doesn’t hurt then it isn’t good enough.
  • you are your own guru, you’re the expert on you, whether that comes to dieting or not dieting, or taking medication or not taking medication.
  • what Wendy thinks of her own body, her battles with body image through her life, and her top revolutionary idea for you

And much more! To own the ebook and get the entire 70 minute audio (MP3) of the interview with Wendy Shanker, click here to purchase on Amazon.


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