Is This Really Wellness?

I got an email offer today from a printing company offering some great deals on some products I’ve purchased from them before, and introducing a new product.

So I clicked on over to have a look at the new product – notebooks. I thought that would be handy as I almost always give my clients a note or two with some details they want to remember or work on.

I did a quick click through their categories and got to Health and Wellness – might be something there, I thought.

Well there was. Three designs. These:

Category: Health and Wellness            Images: weight loss.

Now just when did dieting, measuring yourself with a tapemeasure, and weighing yourself, become equivalent to health and wellness?

The $50 billion dollar weight loss industry has done a good job convincing us that regular dieting is normal behaviour; have we taken the step to thinking that dieting or being thin also equals health?

Clearly this printing company thinks that’s the case. They presumably get their impression either from the media or from market research, not from obesity researchers, who say that our weight can safely fluctuate up or down10 kilos , and that in fact, no matter what we do, our weight will stay in that normal for you setpoint range.

But still we’re encouraged to diet, lose weight, get in shape.

Needless to say I didn’t buy the notebooks, and will schedule some time to write to the printing company and suggest they review their categories.


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