Vulnerability of Receiving

I’ve missed posting about The Receiving Project for a few days – I cleverly perforated my eardrum (blowing my nose, how embarrassment!) and haven’t been feeling up to blogging – I know, pathetic but there it is 🙂

But I’ve been reading Jo Anna’s daily emails and yes even noticing the gift in the perforation – it’s my right ear which has pretty much been blocked up since a car accident some years ago, a side effect of the whiplash maybe? The blockage has affected my hearing but the perforation means the fluid has drained out – what a joy to hear properly again! Gift 1 🙂

Okay I’m flummoxed about other gifts from this, perhaps they’ll become evident in days to come 🙂

Interestingly, Jo Anna makes the point that to receive you have to be vulnerable… that is, you must open yourself to the Universe and the people around you, trust that the Universe will provide and in your own ability to receive.

I admit that’s a huge challenge for me. It’s my belief that I’m very independent, I pay my own way, I don’t ask for anything for nothing (though I give a lot).

Ah – that’s the old “tis better to give than to receive” saw.  I can’t actually think of any instance when that would really apply – to me, as an adult, giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin.

In any interaction there is a giving and a receiving – or at least if the interaction is a healthy one that’s how it ought to work. If one person is giving all the time, and the other receiving all the time, there is no exchange to complete the interaction or ensure that each person isn’t energetically weakened by the interaction.

I’ve honestly not been conscious of the impact of that old verse in my life until this moment of writing this blog. I can see so clearly how much it has been present in my life and influencing what I do.

I’ve had a very close boundary around receiving – but my giving boundary has been so huge that I’m not sure even was a boundary, in fact. How interesting.

So today’s gift (so far) is the light of awareness on my receiving boundary.

I love this Project.

What about you? Where is your receiving boundary? Did you know you had one?

Tell us what you think - you know you want to ;)