Be Thin, Then Love Your Body

I’ve written about this before, but I still need to get it out of my system, it seems! 🙂

And ‘it’ is the idea that before we can love ourselves, and our bodies, we first have to be ‘thin’, whatever that means.

Automatically, most people will say, “Well that means you have to be a healthy weight”, which is fine as far as it goes.

Except no study has ever come up with the perfect result on what a ‘healthy weight’ actually means.

We can make some informed decisions because we know that being really thin (BMI less than 18) or really fat (BMI more than 40) can cause major health problems. We also know that being a weight that the BMI chart defines as ‘overweight’ may also be healthier and give us slightly greater longevity.

Of course, the diet industry doesn’t want us to believe that, and with $60 billion dollars in the US alone to throw at marketing to keep us believing that thin=healthy is ‘true’, presenting alternatives to that message is a very hard row to hoe because no matter how true those alternatives are, it’s very difficult to get through the noise of thin=healthy.

And that message has had such power for the last 100 years that it is now one of the cultural truths that most people accept without question, even though it’s one of the biggest lies ever!

And I think it’s also come to mean that trying to lose weight is virtuous, because that means you care about your health.

What Thin Is Really About

But we women know that it’s *really* about being thin and hot/attractive/gorgeous. Because another cultural belief we have is that women must be attractive above everything. Or, as well as everything else.

Combine the two:

  • As a female you must be as attractive as possible
  • Thin = healthy = attractive

so it’s no wonder that a recent popular poll revealed that 98% of women would be ‘cruel’ to their bodies on any one day. It’s a recipe for misery in fact.

Some days in the face of all that I feel like I’m wasting my time, that no one wants to hear what I’m teaching, and that I’m on my own particular course to financial and professional disaster.

There Is Hope For You and Me…

And then I get an email from a client, for example one woman in her late 20s who’s been struggling with bulimia for nearly half of her life, saying that she’s eaten a chocolate bar and for the first time since she was a child she has not instantly been dealing with an internal voice screaming at her to throw it up immediately or she will be fat and ugly.

And she’s eating breakfast happily! And even her boss dumping the crappy jobs on her plate has not had her heading to the bathroom to put her fingers down her throat to quiet the “you’re not good enough” voice in her head… after just three sessions working together because changing your relationship with your body does NOT have to take years!

That gives me such hope, because I know, I *know* that the only way we will turn this around is when one woman and then another and another, take all their courage in both hands and each one allows herself to trust her body’s magnificent wisdom.

She can listen to her body, and take one slow step after another, supported by the amazing bodymind tool of EFT Tapping and transform the painful beliefs she has about herself and blossom into her full and true and irresistible feminine power and beauty.

We cannot legislate, regulate, castigate or complain enough for to make that happen. We can only do it with education and making a personal decision that each one of us can be our own version of that powerful uniquely beautiful woman.

Regardless of the size of our arse or the thickness of our ankles, or how bumpy our nose is or how many wrinkles, freckles or stretch marks we have!

So, I’ll go back to hoeing my hard row because I can do what it takes until enough women recognise their own power and beauty that we reach the tipping point that births a new cultural belief…. and so can you.

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