The Most Effective Miracle Diet Ever!

miracle-diet So lovely, you’re on the lookout for the one miracle diet that will make you feel beautiful, energetic, happy and let you finally get off the diet rollercoaster once and for all, and step into the life you know is waiting for you when you’ve finally got the body of your dreams.

I get that.

I spent years trying one diet after another, over and over and over.

And my real life, the life I knew I should be living, was just at the other side of the final miracle diet. I *knew* it.

Diet after diet promised it, and I bought every single one of those promises, programs, pills, potions and lotions, one after another, year after year.

I invested hundreds of hours into each one, focussed and intent that *this* one would be *the* one. And every time the inevitable food obsession won and I was left feeling like a failure, again; feeling ugly, again; feeling hopeless, again.

And then finally, I found it – the miracle diet that delivered everything I’d ever wanted.

When I finished this diet I noticed how happy I was, that life was actually filled with those little moments of delight that altogether added up to happiness.

I noticed how I had energy when I got out of bed in the morning, how I had energy to enjoy other womens’ company without swapping stories of whose body faults were ‘best’, to keep up with my kids, and to finally figure out why I was on the planet and what I wanted to achieve in my life.

AND I had energy to create that vision, make the lists and then do the actions.

It was amazing, miraculous. And all from the only diet that ever delivered what it promised. And it’s kept delivering, year after year.

No diet rebound, first time ever!

In fact my life has been better and better, year on year!

So amazing were the gifts of this diet that when my life imploded, and my health followed a couple of years later, I still had that spark of ME burning brightly deep inside.

That spark kept me getting out of bed when I just wanted to pretend the world wasn’t there, helped me do what needed doing, and pulled me through the days back to the sanctuary of my comfy bed in the dark where I could once again leave the world for a few blessed hours of peace.

I know for sure that if I’d not stumbled across the miracle diet, I wouldn’t have had what it took to get through those most-challenging couple of years.

But I did, and I’m so grateful for my miracle diet.

It gave me more than every other diet I’d ever tried and failed at before.

Now I think about it, the miracle diet never actually promised me that I’d find my core strength. It did promise that it would free me from:

  • the absolute tyranny of measuring and counting every single thing I put in my mouth
  • judging myself ruthlessly when I ‘over ate’ the ‘wrong’ foods
  • endlessly focussing on every single part of my body
  • seeing other women as competition, and ranking myself in the pecking order of thinness and beauty, and its associated worthiness-of-good-things
  • wasting more thousands of dollars on the diet-of-the-day and all its well-merchandised products
  • squandering time worrying about the signs of ageing appearing on my body, and the kajillions of dollars needed to fight them
  • spending squillions every season on the newest fashions because godforbid I should ever show up in last season’s colours
  • doubting myself all the time with work, family, relationship, finances
  • denying myself so much pleasure in just simply being alive

Is the Miracle Diet Hard?


And it’s also incredibly easy once you get the hang of it.

It will take sustained effort to keep on focussing on the right stuff, and being aware of when you’re being tempted back to the dark side!

But I promise – more, I guarantee with my heart and soul – that it’s the greatest gift you will ever give yourself!

Is the Miracle Diet Expensive?

No lovely – you already have everything you need to rock the miracle diet!

You’ll just need to add in some support systems and change a few habits – we’ll get to that in a minute!

Let Me Get Started Already!

Okay okay – here it is: the One Big Step to get started on the miracle diet.

Stop reading ‘women’s’ magazines.



They’re packed with Photoshopped images of very young white fantasy females and loaded with stories about how losing weight will give you your dream life.

They’re wrong.

Deciding your life is YOURS and you want to experience awesomeness is what will give you your dream life, whatever you weigh.

Deciding to stop comparing yourself to the fake fantasy images of women and waking up to your own incredible uniqueness is what will give you your dream life.

Remembering how delighted the child-you felt with the possibilities of every day is what will give you your dream life.

All of this is sooo possible lovely, when you quit paying attention to the magazines.

Seriously, people like Nicole Clark (she used to be a model and now makes documentary movies) have had the mag editors openly state that they always go for one type of very young girl, that they always encourage their models to lose weight, and the models’ health is the last thing on their minds.

AND ask yourself this – how many of the editors have a healthy body image, don’t have secret eating disorders, have a healthy sense of self-worth, and actually like themselves?

Or is it possible that the stories they carry so repetitively month after month after year after decade reflects their own insecurities?? Could that be possible?

YES. It’s possible, even probable.

So QUIT READING the stuff they push out every month.

Find something else to read on your commute or on the beach – you don’t need to be seeing those hundreds of fake images of women lovely.

You need to remember YOU.

How to Succeed on the Miracle Diet

1. Stop reading women’s magazines

2. Stop watching gossipy TV shows that pick apart the way people look

3. Find a support community to help you focus on shifting your thinking. There’s a HEAP out there, more all the time! Start with my freeibe (at the top of the page) to give you loads of inspiration every day, and have a look at my Top Body Image Blogs list – again, loads of inspiration!

4. Allow yourself space to remember who you really are. I promise you lovely, you’re way, way more than a body that might not look like the Official Body of the moment. You’re an infinite being of limitless possibility, your body is your vessel and it deserves to be loved and nurtured. In fact – YOU deserve to live inside a body that buzzes with vitality and vibrates with love.

Giving yourself great self-care begins with adopting The Miracle Diet.

Cheering you on as you take step 1 is always my greatest pleasure 🙂

Sandy :)






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