Test your body image with this body image quiz

Negative body image can ruin your life

Body image is your opinion of how you look, and usually has very little to do with how you actually look. If you’re not sure if your body image is as strong as it could be, take this simple body image quiz.

First, answer this for yourself: does your body image really have an influence on the quality of your life?

Negative body image often lowers self-esteem

Studies tell us that as much as a third of your self-esteem is tied into what you think and believe about how your body looks. If you don’t like your body it’s difficult for you to like the person who lives there.

Your feelings of manliness or femininity can change your sense of being acceptable as a person.

If you can’t accept your looks you often assume others can’t either and this can lead to feelings of self-consciousness in social situations, and ultimately isolation and loneliness. It can also have a negative impact on your ability to give and receive sexual intimacy.

Negative body image is often intertwined with depression.

One of the first things we do when we feel badly about our bodies is go on a diet to lose weight.

Thing is, restricting your calories can lead to a whole raft of side effects like depression and eating disturbances.

get rid of the scales with this body image quiz

You will regain any weight you lose – that’s the human survival instinct kicking in – and you’ll do another diet. And each time you fail, you’ll feel worse about yourself and your body.

Take the first step to change with this body image quiz

It’s called weight cycling, and it’s far from healthy. But you can break that cycle, starting with this body image quiz which shows you where you are on my Body Bliss Scale. It explains stages of body image, both negative and positive.

You can click here to take this body image quiz.

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