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Delicious Remedy for Stress

lavender to help ease stress

Sometimes you run across a blog post that just blows your mind. For me this was yesterday when I came across the simplest idea that I think is just brilliant! First I’ll tell you when I think you could use this, and why I think it’s brilliant. Then I’ll tell you how to do it.…

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Going Grey Naturally

going grey naturally

Going Grey Naturally? I’ve written about this before, think about it every time I notice grey roots showing again, and I’m thinking about it again now: going grey naturally? Is there a way to go grey naturally and gracefully? For myself I wonder is allowing my hair to do what it wants to do and…

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Thank you, here’s the Craving Call details

Thank you, I hope you’ll enjoy clearing your sugar cravings 🙂 There’s just one thing you need to have with you while you listen to the audio – a piece of whatever food you most crave. Oh, and a drink of water. Replay:[audio:] Here’s the link for the EFT tapping diagram. The Body Image Coaching…

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Water Myth?

The Courier Mail reports (4-4-08) that researchers from the Uni of Pennsylvania in the US found that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is essential for good health and aids weight loss, is probably a myth.

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