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The Fat Talk Game – a game to help you stop fat talk

Fat Talk, as you probably know, is the habit we women have of talking about diet and food and our flawed bodies anytime we think about food. It begins when we’re teenagers and just never ever stops. This fat talk game can help you change your game! Apparently it’s a way of levelling the playing…

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Perfect Cupcakes and Disordered Eating

Imagine this: you’re out with a dear friend you’ve not seen for a while, catching up over a meal. During the meal the friend makes several comments about how they’re being ‘bad’ because of their food choice, they really need to lose a few from their [body part], they really shouldn’t be eating this but…

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It’s Stop Fat Talk Week – Can You Do It?

Fat Talk is that part of a conversation where we talk about our bodies in terms of the amount of fat on any given body part.

It’s that part of a conversation where someone says “Oh I’ll be ‘bad’ and have the cream/sugar/icecream/cake/rice/whatever”.

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Who Shapes Your Shape?

Fat Talk and How It Shapes Your Body Image I’m mulling over some conversations I’ve had this week about weight, and am aware that they’re really conversations about body image but that the women I was speaking with do not think they have any body image issues, it’s just normal and easy to talk about…

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Time to end fat talk every day and change your life!

Fat talk has hit the headlines three times already this week, and it’s only Wednesday! It’s time to end fat talk, starting here. Fat Talk Round One First up, research from the UK ‘proved’ what a bitchy lot we women are, judging one another based on weight within 20 seconds of meeting! If that isn’t…

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