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7 EFT Tapping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

EFT tapping is simple and easy to learn, but did you know that it’s still possible to make mistakes?  Here are some of the common mistakes people make when tapping: 1. Not Tapping Often Enough The more you tap, the better the results.  Experts recommend at least five minutes of tapping three or more times…

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EFT to Improve Body Image

EFT Tapping has been around in various forms for about 30 years now, and is becoming a very popular way to deal with all kinds of personal development issues because it works, and using EFT to improve negative Body Image issues is massively effective. I’ve written many articles over the years about EFT to improve…

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Sugar Is In Everything!

Sugar is everywhere

Sugar Is In Everything! If you’re anything of a label nazi you’ll know that sugar hides in the most unexpected foodstuffs, it seems sugar is in everything. Often it’s in the form of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), particularly in drinks of all kinds. Here in Australia we’re lucky to not have HFCS in our soft…

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Better Body Image

The negative body image business is worth big bucks. Each year hundreds of billions of dollars are spent by women around the world, convinced by “solution providers” to buy a product to make us feel better about ourselves. But the business of body image has nothing at all to do with what your body or…

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Heather Locklear’s Braces

I’m just reading Pat Ballard’s lovely book, 10 Steps to Loving Your Body (No Matter What Size You Are)< Each of her ten steps are just a page or two long, and backed up by relevant quotes and discussions – really nice, a light, positive read. One of her quotes comes from Heather Locklear: “When…

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