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Chocolate. Vanilla. Choose.

Have you done that exercise where someone holds out their curled-up hands in front of you and tells you that in one hand they have a vanilla sweet and in the other hand a chocolate sweet. “Choose”, they say.

And you choose chocolate.

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The Best Answer to “Does this Make Me Look Fat?”

I really feel sorry for a guy who is faced with the question “does this make me look fat”, because it feels like there’s no right answer, and you might feel like a deer in the headlights when she asks you this question! But what if the question was a great opportunity to help your…

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What’s The Deal With Hating Fat?

fat talking

Everyone has an opinion on body fat – some say fat will kill you, some say fat will give you cancer, some say fat is just fat, and some say fat is ugly. And there are as many opinions about fat people: lazy fat gluttons who have no self discipline, stuff their faces with junk…

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YOU Control Your Body Image

It’s not the media’s 24/7 parade of fantasy flesh, it’s not your mother’s opinion of her body when you were growing up, it’s not the weight loss industry nor the personal training industry, nor the endless boring updates of how disciplined-others are bragging about their chia goji wheatgrass smoothies on Instagram. It’s you that controls…

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On Feeling Satisfied and Setting Feeling Goals

You’re reading this because you don’t feel satisfied with something about your life, right? If you’re like most readers here at BBC, you’re here because you’re not satisfied with something about your body. I get that. That old saying been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and worried about if it was too tight or…

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2014 Top Positive Body Image Blogs and Sites

Welcome to the top positive body image blogs and websites guide for 2014. I last did this list in 2009 when it was really hard to find body image blogs that were not masquerading as weight loss blogs. There are stacks more positive body image blogs out there now, and several of the ones on…

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Body Building and Cosmetic Surgery

body building and cosmetic surgery

A few weeks back one of my readers wrote me about her experience with not loving her body, the solutions she kind of fell into, how it’s worked for her and the impact it’s had on her life – and she was willing for me to share the story here; it’s about body building and…

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EFT to Improve Body Image

EFT Tapping has been around in various forms for about 30 years now, and is becoming a very popular way to deal with all kinds of personal development issues because it works, and using EFT to improve negative Body Image issues is massively effective. I’ve written many articles over the years about EFT to improve…

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Did you create your negative body image?

negative body image brick wall

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how our lives roll out, the things we create, and if that applies to how you create your negative body image. Or if you even do create it…

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A Patch of Pure Body Bliss

I want to introduce you (or for Body Image Revolutionaries, re-introduce) you to the delightful work of a woman I so admire. Practice saying this until you believe:
I am a strong confident woman.

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