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What’s The Deal With Hating Fat?

fat talking

Everyone has an opinion on body fat – some say fat will kill you, some say fat will give you cancer, some say fat is just fat, and some say fat is ugly. And there are as many opinions about fat people: lazy fat gluttons who have no self discipline, stuff their faces with junk…

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It’s Stop Fat Talk Week – Can You Do It?

Fat Talk is that part of a conversation where we talk about our bodies in terms of the amount of fat on any given body part.

It’s that part of a conversation where someone says “Oh I’ll be ‘bad’ and have the cream/sugar/icecream/cake/rice/whatever”.

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Free Teleconference launching 5 Steps to Body Bliss

So you know you *should* be comfortable in your own skin, love your own body. You know you *should* eat well, exercise, get enough rest, and all that… But there’s so much information out there, every bit of it contradicting the other bits… it’s so easy to give up and say “It’s all too hard”…

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It’s Rid the World Of Fad Diets Day

Today is Rid the World of Fad Diets Day, part of  Healthy Weight Week. Fad diets are those which promise all kinds of amazing weight loss while you sleep, within a week, or while you eat very reduced calories, carbs, or types of foods. Excluding whole food groups is another fad. Diet used to mean…

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One Way To Stop Body Snarking

I was thinking about my mirrors post of a couple of days ago, and how it was years before I could look in a mirror, or at a photograph, without wincing in disapproval and disappointment at my body’s size or shape at the time. Many women report the same thing. One of the ways they…

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