Summer’s nearly here, time to get thin!

time to get your body beach ready! Summer’s nearly here, it’s time to get to work losing that winter weight so your body can be beach ready!

At least that’s what the magazines and TV shows and pharmacy chains and fitness centres and family and friends, and, well everyone really, would have you believe.

And if you don’t want to do that this year, you might feel guilty about it. You might be feeling like ‘there’s no point anyway, it just comes back on’ or you might really not like the obsessive cranky person you become when you are dieting.

So why would anyone want to do it?

What if there was another way? What if you could finally abandon all the diet-thinking and body-bashing and just get comfortable in your own skin?

You could consider joining Sandy, our EFT specialist and body image coach, in a six week long Love Your Body small group workshop.

In week 1, you’ll learn the potent techniques that will all-but-guarantee your success in the program, experience the ultimate craving-killer technique that will absolutely work for you (one person stopped a years-old litres-a-day softdrink habit just from this one simple exercise), and take part in a group discussion about body image issues so we can get specific about the group’s focus.

Each week from then on, we’ll pick at least one topic from the Week 1 list and stomp all over it so it will no longer plague you or run any part of your life. Topics might include issues like letting go of hating your bum or [your most hated body part]; figuring out how to stop weight-loss thinking; automatically changing your language from the language of hating yourself to the language of loving yourself; finding and changing those beliefs about how women ‘should’ be, that don’t serve you, and changing them to ones that do; tuning in to natural hunger; and much much more, specially tailored to your concerns.

The cost is just $120* for the 9 hour program, a saving of $600 over the equivalent hours of private sessions with Sandy. Best of all, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel recognisably happier with your body and yourself at the end of the course, Sandy will have her cheque book ready to give you a refund on the spot, no questions asked.

The course will run on a Saturday morning from 9-10.30 at Sowelu, Paddington# beginning on November 8 2008.

She only has room for eight women, so if you’re interested or would like to find out more, give Sandy a call on 0409 10 20 50 or email If you like the sound of the program but can’t make the time, contact her anyway to let her know a different time would suit you so she can put you on the list.

*Because of the limited numbers in the group, you will be asked to pay a 50% deposit when you book.

# If you’d like to be notified of a teleconference version of this class, please sign up for Sandy’s newsletter.

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