Sugar Detox – Starting Week 3

All aches are long gone, and that little reservoir of energy I used to have seems to be sparking back up!

I’m sleeping incredibly well – which is a surprise because I thought I always slept well! I’m mostly waking up really well, and craving, of all things – water!

I thought I was nuts or imagining it, actually, but yesterday spent some time with a girlfriend who reported the same thing!

She was inspired last week to try the sugar-free way as well, and she’s dumbstruck with the results! I’m surprised I influenced her to sugar-free actually, because I’ve never been able to persuade her to do anything else (not that I try to persuade friends, really, I don’t think…? :)). For example, she still weighs herself, the legacy of the many diets she’s done, like most women.

So her greatest delight is that in just the few days she’s been doing it, she’s lost 3.5kg – that’s about 8 pounds. She is *thrilled*! Have I lost weight, I think so, I’m noticing a change in the way my clothing fits, but it’s a long time since I’ve been on scales and have no intention of acquiring that hard-to-break habit again! Weight loss is not my goal, it’s a side effect – getting my brain and my motivation and energy back is my goal – so far, so good.

Another side effect I’m thrilled about though is that my youngest daughter has decided to try this way of eating as well! As a student of TCM, she’s been fascinated about the biology information and she’s extrapolated that info into energetics – so she’s experimenting with her won body – what else does one do? LOL. She’s a typical not-looking-after-herself student, and the detox is goign hard. She doesn’t like tapping so she’d whiteknuckling through it, reporting that she feels ‘odd’, noticing that her back, head and knees are sore. Knees? Yep, the kidney meridian runs through the knees, so clearly her kidneys are kicking up and doing some great blood cleaning!

What else? Oh yes – I made one of my favourite meals the other night, roast garlic chicken with roast veges (I’m a simple girl :)) Dished up my normal amount, which was not huge anyway. And couldn’t finish it. Seems my appetite regulation has kicked back in, on cue, just like it’s supposed to when you give up sugar.

I’m so impressed with the changes I’m feeling during this process, that I think I’ll run a 30 day program supported-by-EFt and live calls, in January. If you’re interested, shoot me an email….


  1. Lesya on December 7, 2010 at 10:40 am

    I would be interested in the 30 day progranne..I was feeling very positive last month..then came the heebies..which my gyno attributes to oesrogen deficiancy and it was time for my yearly HRT implant…but I don’t realy feel any better..the heebies are gone but I feel kind of fla so need all the help I can get. Lesya.

  2. Janine Lattimore on December 7, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    Hi Sandy

    So great to hear about your progress. I have been eating a low sugar diet for so long now that it’s great to hear how people find it when they first embark on it.

    About half-way through this year I took the next step and went low-grain. This can be even more of a challenge than low-sugar because while giving up sugar usually just means giving up the extras, with low-grain it’s like a whole new way of eating. I decided to do it because of information I had researched about the difficulty the body has digesting many grains and because I keep coming up as a ‘protein-based’ nutritional type.

    Once I got the hang of what to eat, the big thing I noticed was that my blood sugar levels stabilised. Even though I had not been eating much added sugar, grains also turn into ‘sugar’ (glucose) in our bodies. I used to get really hungry a couple of hours after a meal – like so hungry I felt my stomach was digesting itself and I needed to eat NOW! (my poor partner has experienced the wrath of the ‘feed me now’ beast more than once). That is now gone. I find sometimes I can go from meal to meal and don’t even need a snack. I don’t get that same ‘have to eat NOW!’ feeling – I just get hungry.

    It is nice to feel more balanced and I love what I eat now. I still have the odd dessert or dark chocolate but I don’t feel a need for it and physically can’t eat too much sugar now – anything like sweets or icing makes me feel queasy.

    So best wishes on your journey and I look forward to following it.

    • Sandy on December 8, 2010 at 5:32 am

      Janine, I thought I was low sugar too, but I was really fooling myself 😀 I have been very fond of the old peppermint crisps! So was pretty good with the hidden sugars, mostly, just really lax lately about the big lots of sugar! LOL. Low grain is tough too – man, the stuff they add wheat into is unbelievalbe! I remember reading Sally Fallon years ago, who reminds us that most grains in our diet used to be sprouted, as the harvest was left in the field for a few weeks before beign gathered to storage, and so the grains sprouted and became more easily digestible. Our poor old bods have trouble with so many aspects of the modern diet eh?

      Interesting about your blood sugar and the feed me now beast – LOL. That really eased for me when I went off the Pill as well… we’re way too clever for ourselves, I sometimes think 🙂

  3. Sharon on December 9, 2010 at 5:38 am

    Very interesting. What do you think of honey? Are you leaving out all sweet flavors or just white sugar? I consume a good spoon or two of propolis honey every day (raw) and I use yacon syrup for chocolate and molasses for my green smoothies (good for iron).

    • Sandy on December 9, 2010 at 7:35 am

      Hi Sharon 🙂 The issue as I understand it is the fructose component of sugar. Table sugar is 50% glucose, 50% fructose. It seems that most of what we eat that ends up as glucose in the blood is fine, our body’s glucose pathways are very active – we’re set up to use glocose as fuel. The 50% fructose is the issue, it heads right for the liver where it is metabolised into essential fatty acids – and with the amount of fructose in our western diet, it’s just too much of a good thing – that way lies clogged arteries and a whole lot of other nasties. Fructose in whole fruit is a different story again, because it doesn’t flood the blood, the fibre slows down the fructose absorbtion – so all fruit is good in moderation, 2 pices a day is the usual recommendation. Honey is 60% glucose, 40% fructose. I don’t know what the g/f composition of yacon syrup and molasses is. I’ve started using dextrose, because it’s pure glucose, and not all that sweet really 🙂 Also have been a fan of stevia for a long time, usually in combination with sugar – now experimenting with dextrose and stevia combo. interestingly though I’m just not wanting sweet foods very much. I had a batch of bickies the other day, scrummy coconut maracoony things, and one was enough… Bread wise I’ve not eaten white bread in years, and have been gluten free on the pasta front for years as well, just doing the moderation thing around wheat too 🙂 I lerv green smoothies 🙂 I find that a banana is usually enough to sweeten it, but stevia has come to the rescue if the nanas aren’t that sweet. It’s interesting 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  4. willie on December 29, 2010 at 8:03 am

    i am interested in doing a sugar detox. have you any new info since dec 7?

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