Sugar Detox Day 6 – Cranky Comes Calling!

No headaches, no anything aches – interesting!

Many things are starting to taste much sweeter. I just had my morning cuppa, a luscious Spiced Moroccan Mint, which was slightly sweet when I bought it. I called the tea company to find out why it was sweet, they said “rosehip”, will report on the exact type of sugar in rosehip when I find it.

(Edit: rosehip is laden with fructose – how much is too much? 🙁 I’ll finish up this lot and then no more, so sad – I’d be better off having straight mint tea and adding stevia, cept I like straight mint tea, luckily :))

At the shopping centre yesterday, I tried to buy a cup of peppermint tea – you know, something that I knew would have no sugar – and it took five stops to find someone who could make me one. For the first time I had a smile about how much easier life would be if I was a coffee drinker 🙂 Except, you know, coffee – yeargh!

I’m noticing I’m feeling pretty cranky and a bit down, surprising since I had an awesome acupuncture session yesterday, and Anne the acupuncturist said how much my spleen energy was. Spleen is the central organ of digestion in Chinese medicine, responsible for extracting the nutrition in our food, and most negatively affected when we eat a load of sugar! And when it’s out of balance, we crave, yep, sugar. So just a few days off sugar has given my Spleen a huge boost, good stuff 🙂

The mood thing is a bit more irritating though – but given sugar’s ability to provide a little boost, no surprise I guess as the old bod gets back into balance 🙂

I noticed yesterday also how much of our life is wrapped up in sugar! The supermarket has vast aisles of sugar-saturated products, which I knew, but I really noticed, yesterday. The shopping centre itself has sugar everywhere as well – from the donut stalls to the icecream stands, to the little mid-aisle stall doing a roaring trade selling long strings of licorice with different filled centres. Take a look when you’re shopping, and notice just how much sugar is entrenched in our lives – no wonder we fall into it so easily!

Thinking also of the Spleen, it’s no wonder we have such a sugar-focussed culture when we also so value our logical thinking and reasoning. When we live in our heads too much, the poor Spleen gets out of balance and tadah – sugar craving.

So it’s a grounding flower essence blend for me (interestingly, similar essences to when I feel scattered: jacaranda, sundew, boronia), grounding oil in my diffuser, and at least one more meditation session a week, to quiet the mind and get more ‘into’ my body. I’m very sure I’ve not used those strategies for any kind of detox before, will be interesting to see how it goes 🙂

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