Sugar Detox Day 9

Well I’ve woken this morning feeling really energetic, still a bit fuzzy headed, but really ready to get into the week – which is good, because it’s a big week with a new product that’s been simmering away due to be finished in the next day or two.

I’ve been reading the Sweet Poison Quit Plan, with some of the strategies for breaking the sugar habit that are also attached to the things we do every day – like the smoker who always lights up when they get into their car. That’s the stuff that will pretty much always trip us up! It may be because I’m tapping regularly with people on a whole range of issues, but I’ve not really had a huge urge to chow down on choccie – not even when my daughter decided she needed some choccie after our Sunday roast yesterday.

Okay that’s not quite true now I think about it – that little chocoholic voice is saying yummmmm at the thought of it! There’s also a little tight feeling in my chest. Surprisingly there’s no mouth watering or tummy anticipation, I’m even feeing pretty annoyed that I have this response!

This is how I deal with it:

The little voice

the chest tightness

the tummy anticipation

feeling annoyed at the response

The chest tightness is the strongest, so I’m paying attention to that first – tapping on ‘this chest tightness’, then moving on to the others. Good stuff 🙂

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