Sugar Detox – Day 11 and 12

Okay the detox headache hit on Day 11, not a massive overwhelming headache, but it was enough to slow me down.

I didn’t think I’d get one because my diet is pretty balanced and pretty clean.

The headache was right in the front of my head, and my TCM sources say that’s a headache related to some kind of digestive issue. No kidding 🙂

So I tapped, did some releasing, and later in the day caved in and took some advil. It helped, but I just didn’t feel great until I finally went to bed.

After dinner I did the couch potato in front of the telly thing, and noticed how badly I wanted some choccie. Actually now I think about it, it wasn’t that I had a ‘mouth feel’ for choccie, it was more … I wanted to be chewing something.

That’s the usual choccie-snackie-time for me, and it’s not that I eat the stuff every night, maybe it’s only a couple of times a week. I got out of the ‘no I can’t it’s sooooo fattening’ blah blah blah rubbish years ago and am now well in the habit of listening to my body and giving it what it wants, and yes, sometimes I give my body what my head wants 🙂 Or my mouth! heh.

So back to the couch – I noticed that just by acknowledging that I had the notion to have some choccie, and not trying to squash it down or whiteknuckle my way through it, it faded in less than a minute. Not too bad 🙂

I did have a few mutters about how it would help ease up my headache, but I also knew that this morning, I’d be regretting it because I’d be missing that little spark of energy that’s powering my days lately 🙂 So it was easy to decide ‘no choccie’ and recognise that it was more a habit to want it, than a real craving – just the next step in my routine, if you like.

So that was Day 11….

Today is Day 12 and that spark of energy seems to be a little brighter, but man, my upper back between my shoulder blades feels like it wants a really good rub down! I can’t see, to get into a position where it’s comfortable, other than lying down (which I’m not game to do or I might not get up and there’d be NO work done!)

I worked through the morning, squirming in my chair to ease up the back, looking forward to acupuncture in the afternoon.

By the time I got there, my shoulders and neck were complaining and I had the beginnings of a tension headache creeping into the sides of my head. And it’s no surprise then that the really sore points just behind my shoulders are on the gallbladder meridian, which my acupuncturist says are affected by the liver meridian and organ.

Of course our liver is the body’s cleanser, and it’s where fructose is converted to fat that circulates around our blood, sticks to the walls of our arteries, and ends up in the fat cells!

Now that I’ve stopped putting any sugar at all into my bod, only that in my morning bircher muesli, my liver’s able to start clearing out older stored junk – and that, says my acupuncturist, is the secondary detox, and is where I’m at now.

So she kindly suggested I use a supplement called P2, which contains turmeric, glutathione, and a whole bunch of other stuff to support the liver. It’s a powder, in water, and while it’s a vile yellow colour thanks to the turmeric, it was surprisingly pleasant mixed with just water – because of course fruitjuice is out.

Interestingly I felt so lively this morning that I’ve made a decision to break the 14 year old habit I’ve had since working at home, which is get up, drink water, check email (and more recently facebook) and that usually means answering business emails, then checking the schedule, and setting up the day’s tasks, then chi gung, breakfast, shower, and into the rest of the day.

So by 8am I’ve usually done a couple of hours’ work.

This morning, I had my water, checked my email, deleted the junk the spam filter hadn’t caught, glanced at facebook and thought urg, I want to be moving!

So that’s what I did, and did some domestic stuff and some decluttering I’ve been wanting to do for an age, but have always put off because work comes first. Hmmm. Somewhere during this declutter, I made the decision that from now on, no work until 9am.

And when I sat down just after 9 to start work, I felt great, very focussed etc.

That’s an unexpected side-effect of saying sayonara sugar! It remains to be seen if I can keep it up 🙂

Physically, upper back is a bit sore again, but nothing like it was yesterday, head’s a little fuzzy but nothing like it was even just two weeks ago, and energy’s good. No sugar cravings evident and it’s nearly lunch time but I’m not hungry.

Let’s see what comes up tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. Janine Lattimore on December 9, 2010 at 10:08 pm

    Go girl

    Its very interesting reading about your journey – particularly when you can add such informed commentary to it.

    Like the no working til 9am! I normally start my work day with meditation – but my schedule got a bit upset this morning so I’m off to do it now.

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