Sugar Detox – Sometimes You Need Your Friend to be a Bitch!

Dddamn it’s hot and sticky today – which it would be, being summer and all.

And in previous summers, on hot days like today, what helps with the sticky icky overheated feeling?

Yes, icecream…

I had a tub of Homer Hudson’s in the freezer, that I bought a couple of weeks before I started this detox. It’s just 500ml, cookies and cream, and I’d eaten maybe 4cm from the top – so it was still pretty full.

So it’s been sitting in the freezer, ignored, and I have a recipe for dextrose icecream but it takes an age to make and my icecream churn’s freezy-bottom is in the cupboard, not the freezer and and and geeeez it would be good to have some icecream.

My good friend Lenore happened to be skyping with me right then, and I said – “Man it’s hot, I want icecream”!

And I went to the kitchen and got it.

When I got back to my desk with the tub and a spoon in hand, her message to me was:

“Well you know about the icecream…………you could have it if you really wanted it and you thought your body would respond well to it”.

So clearly she’s been listening to me toooo much, because she knows just what to say that I’ll listen to! That bitch 🙂

I had to laugh, because of course she was right. I picked up the icecream and headed back to the kitchen, to the bin, and dropped it in. Yes it’s expensive icecream, yes it’s wasteful, but far more wasteful to sabotage 2.5 weeks of sugar detox! You know, how much poison is safe?

I also know that all that pasteurised dairy AND the cold will not do a blessed thing to help my deficient kidney yang energy, and my feet and ankles will bloat, I’ll feel heavy and listless. Exactly what I’ve wanted to avoid this summer!

On my way back to the kitchen I thought – what I actually want is the cold of the icecream, not the sweet. No what I actually want is to be cooler… I didn’t want the sweet at all! So I binned the icecream, put the freezy-bottom in the freezer – you never know 🙂 – refilled my water bottle, and turned on the fan. I know, you’d think I’d have the fan on already, on such a sticky day. Ah well … 🙂

So – it just shows to go you – even if you have LOADS of information, really do listen to your body, and have a bunch of people watching what comes next – sometimes you still just need a friend to hold your hand and remind you who you are.

Lenore, you rock, thank you 🙂


  1. HeleenH on December 10, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    Thank you for writing your blog onquitting sugar. I went almost without sugar for nearly 2 weeks and then started again last Sunday on the Sinterklaas celebration (kind of an early Santa Claus). It has been difficult to stop eating sweet stuff, every day I gave in mid-afternoon. But today I had a sensible mid-afternoon snack and I am not going to take something with sugar. I know I will feel so much better!

    • Sandy on December 10, 2010 at 6:55 pm

      Hi Heleen – please be gentle with yourself – the stuff is really addictive, and I don’t mean emotionally, I mean it literally is addictive like tobacco or pot or any other drug, triggering off a pleasure response in the brain! You can still get your sweets with fruit – luscious fruits like berries and even mangoes, though no more than 2 pieces of fruit per day, our poor bodies struggle to cope with more fructose than that. I highly highly recommend you get a hold of David Gillespie’s book, Sweet Poison, he’s an Australian writer so you’ll need to use an Australian online bookshop like – he has a Quit Plan book now as well which has amazing recipes he and his wife have invented to make their home a sugar free oasis, and they’re yummy recipes too 🙂 Good luck Heleen, it’s very hard being sugar free in a sugar addicted world – at first – then it gets way easier because once you’re unaddicted, you’ll find you just don’t want the stuff anymore.

      • HeleenH on December 10, 2010 at 8:57 pm

        Thank you for your support! I made it sugarfree today, except for some hidden sugar in the leftover dinner from yesterday (I used some home made cranberry compote in the Swedish meatbals). I know tomorrow will be easier. The next hurdle is Christmass, I am not sure how my family and in-laws will respond to another sugar free celebration (last birthday I only had a sugarfree week, I am not sure I am ready to announce a sugarfree life, I am taking it day by day right now).

        • Sandy on December 10, 2010 at 9:37 pm

          Heleen, well done, yippee! 🙂 For Christmas I’ve told my family I’m making the desserts, and it will be a delicious chocolate fudge cake, made with coconut and dextrose, with a luscious berry compote and icecream – all made with dextrose. And I’ll have a bowl of extra sweetened cream for those who want more sugar. Maybe it’s worth experimenting with the dextrose recipes? Also, if sugar cravings are biting, remember you can use the tapping process to help ease sugar cravings

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