Six Great Reasons to Start Your Day With Lemon Water


My dear old Gran always talked about how she felt better when she started the day with the juice of half a lemon in a “wee drop” of warm water. (She lived to be 101, clearly she knew a thing or two!) I could never understand why you’d want to drink lemon juice in water first thing in the morning – sour, on an empty stomach? No thanks.

Recently I’ve been suffering from reflux and for some reason I remembered my granny’s words. Better digestion will surely = less reflux, right?

So I started to look into it and here’s what I found.

1. Loaded with Nutrients

Aside from being a good source of vitamin C, the lemon is a powerful antioxidant loaded with vitamin B, phosphorous and proteins.

It also contains flavonoids which can help prevent cancer and coronary heart disease.

Lemon juice also reduces or prevents the formation of calcium stones in the kidneys.

2. It Kickstarts Your Digestion!

Adding the juice of half a lemon to a cup of warm water first thing in the morning can stimulate your digestive tract. That makes your food easier to digest – and better digestion = better elimination too!

3. It Reduces Inflammation

You’d think the sour taste would increase acidity and make reflux worse right? But surprisingly it makes the body more alkaline! An alkaline body is a less-inflamed body – and our bodies function best when they’re alkaline. (Sugar on the other hand, makes the body more acidic.)

4. It Supports Other Systems Too

Lemon juice has high potassium content which makes it a natural substance that can help people with heart problems.

It can help lower blood pressure and increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body.

5. It’s Also Antiseptic!

The juice is considered to be anti-scorbutic which means that it is a remedy that can aid the body in getting rid of toxins and other impurities.

You probably know the lemon-and-honey remedy for a sore throat right? Honey is soothing plus it balances the sour taste of the lemon to make it more palatable. Take this every four hours or so and you’ll feel relief immediately.

Lemon juice has antiseptic properties that can help decrease the presence of pathogenic bacteria in the body.


6. Lemons Make You Beautiful

True story ๐Ÿ™‚

Lemons are also great for your hair and skin as well.

Apply lemon juice directly to your scalp to treat dandruff, hair loss and dry hair. (I can’t say much more about this because I’m a no-poo-er.)

Using lemon juice on your hair regularly will make it shinier and healthier.

Use lemon juice as a natural antiseptic and it can be used to treat several skin problems like acne and eczema when used as a skin rinse.

How to Drink Lemon Water

First of all it’s vital that you water down the lemon juice.The acid can be very hard on your teeth, watering it down eliminates any danger to your teeth.

I use a glass that holds about 200ml – but any water glass or even a cup orย  mug is fine – and fill it with room temperature filtered water.

Filtered water is my preference – no reason it can’t be tap water. Don’t put offย  trying a morning lemon water because you can’t filter your water. Near enough is good enough ๐Ÿ™‚


Then I cut a lemon in half, pop a tea strainer on top of my glass, and squeeze the lemon juice straight in.

As you can see from the pic, it’s kinda cloudy. lemon-water-5

Just sip away!

Adjust to Taste

It’s really okay to adjust the amount of lemon juice to suit your taste buds. At first you might it too sour – so add more water, or use 1/3 of a lemon. Work up to the half.

Depending on where you are in the season, the lemons might not be very juicy – so use a whole lemon. Or if they’re really juicy you might want to use a quarter.

Do what’s right for you. There’s no particular magic in half a lemon – let your body be your judge.

What About Lemon Squeeze?

A fresh lemon is always better than bottled juice, even if the lemon is not organic because – zero processing. All bottles juices are usually pasteurised. That means the juice has been heated enough to kill bacteria so the juice doesn’t rot on the shelf. The heating kills heat-sensitive nutrients etc too.

BUT if you’re in the middle of winter and there are no fresh lemons, or they’re flown in from somewhere else and are too expensive, yes, use Lemon Squeeze.

Remember, you don’t have to it perfectly, 80% is good enough ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d love to know what you think of having a lemon water drink in the morning.

I know my reflux is better when I start the day with lemon water. I feel like I wake up more easily (could just be the sour zing I guess :)). I feel like my whole system is kind of cleaner somehow.

Yes, not scientific observation, just me noticing my body. What about you, will you have a go? (Please comment below).


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