Three Steps to Ramp Up Your Self Care


Self-care can be very difficult for women because most women have most of the same responsibilities as they had fifty years ago, when picture-perfect housewife made a picture-perfect home for a picture-perfect family AND working outside the home to make ends meet or because they love their career.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is taking care of yourself holistically on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

That means making yourself a priority instead of end-of-the-line.

It means allowing yourself to remember that you deserve to give yourself attention.

And most importantly it means giving yourself permission to give yourself that attention.

Cos if you don’t, who will?

And if you don’t, my lovely, youWhen you don’t take care of your body, mind and spirit, your tank will be running on empty and you can literally drive yourself to exhaustion.

Plus, if you lose touch with yourself you’re more likely to lose touch with your family, friends, and career.

These three simple steps can help you refocus your attention onto yourself for a while.

Step One: It’s Time to Make Time for Yourself

Although it may seem as if you can’t squeeze even one more tiny thing into your day, it’s time to make time for yourself!

After all if you don’t make time for you, who will?

Start with a few minutes of me-time before bed to build the habit of giving yourself some self-care.

First, think about your preferred way to care for yourself before bed:

  • Maybe you enjoy writing write your feelings out in a journal and then reflecting.
  • Maybe listening to music while taking a quiet bubble bath is exactly what you need.
  • Maybe prayer or meditation helps re-center your soul.
  • Maybe you’d find my daily EFT tapping routine a great help (my one-on-one clients get this exclusive ebook free).

Do that for three weeks (21 days to build a new habit!). It may have filled your tank enough or you may want to introduce a second self-care five minutes into your day somewhere.

Step Two: Put Your Me-Time at the Top of Your List

If your tank is empty you’ve got nothing to give anyone else, so make your tank-filling activities a priority!

Far from being selfish, I truly believe that tank-filling is the opposite of selfish: it’s selfless to want to be able to give to others from a place of spiritual and physical abundance.

So think of it this way – a full tank means more love to give.

Step Three: Manage the Stress in Your Life

Managing stress needs a whole-body approach, and includes doing things like moving your body and enjoying hobbies and other activities.

If you like to do crossword puzzles, then a crossword puzzle will help get your stress down!

If you like to play computer games, play computer games to get your stress down!

If you need a girls’ night out, call up your friends and go out! Remember to laugh loudly and often!

If there are situations or relationships in your life that need attention, give them attention. 

This is especially important for women because women deal with conflict differently than men do. Where men have no issues being very directly verbal or physical, women deal with conflict more on an emotional level. Suppress enough emotion and you’ll be a sick and sad Sally!


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