Sandy Ross – EFT Tapping for Body Image and Self Esteem

Sandy Ross

Sandy Ross is a holistic counsellor and EFT specialist, who helps women stop dieting and get comfortable in their own skin, so they can make conscious choices about their health and wellbeing.

During The Body Image Revolution she worked with three volunteers on issues which affected their confidence and self-esteem. This audio covers:

  • How EFT works with the body and the mind
  • Shifting negative patterns around:

o    Self-validation -moving from hopeless frustration to lifted and light

o    Feeling completely overwhelmed to feeling detached

o    Extreme embarrassment and panic over an incident, to wondering where the panic went to?

  • Knowing what to say while tapping
  • Borrowing Benefits
  • The Personal Peace Process
  • Using photographs to discharge painful body image memories and feelings

To listen in and tap along to this powerful 80 minute conversation with Sandy and three brave volunteers, and read the 36 page ebook, just click the Add To Bag button below, and you’ll be listening and reading in just a few minutes.

Sandy Ross – EFT Tapping for Body Image and Self Esteem

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