The Body Image Revolution Day 6 – Rosie Molinary

Anyone who’s interested in body image issues knows that there’s a big hairy finger waving in disapproval in the direction of the media. The disapproval hinges around the digitally-perfected, relentless, fantasy depiction of women’s bodies and its impact on negative body image.

Rosie Molinary, a recent guest on The Body Image Revolution, suggests it’s time to stop blaming the media, and instead change ourselves to improve our body image. “The media is not innocent, but we are complicit,” says Rosie. When we see something that is offensive, we must give feedback in the form of complaints and even cancelling subscriptions, and letting them know why we have cancelled those subscriptions. Otherwise they will keep doing what’s working and have no incentive to change. Financial feedback works, in other words.

But that is only part of the solution, because we believe we can’t be happy unless we’re perfectly beautiful. As Rosie says – it’s not your nose (or any other specific body part) that’s making you unhappy! “We can’t be happy until we’re internally happy,” she says. And when that happens, we can take on the work that we’re meant to be doing – and we can begin that process by giving ourselves permission to plug into our passions, and let go of obsessing about our body image.

We also talked about how everyone feels like “The Other” at some time in their life, how women of different races have different community expectations of what a “perfect” woman of that race looks like, great tips for building support around yourself while you change your language and appreciation of your body and improving your body image, how to deal with your family and friends who want to express their “concern” about your size and shape, how important it is to prepare comebacks for body snarks and how to do that, how we can learn what we need to heal by noticing how we judge others – and much more! Listen in to the whole conversation with Rosie at

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