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The Divine Ms B

The Divine Ms B

Meet the Divine Miss B, the kitty my daughter belongs to. Okay we all belong to her, and she’s not always very pleased with us 🙂

Ms B was about two years old when she claimed my daughter at the RSPCA one lucky day. B was a tiny black shaven very very thin little creature estimated to be about two years old.

We couldn’t understand how it was that a domestic shorthair cat could have been so matted that her coat had to be shaved off.

This morning while I was having my morning Tulsi tea and Ms B was leisurely prowling her domain I was admiring her coat, which prompted this post.

She’s growing this luxurious, thick fluffy chocolate brown coat. It started coming in about six months ago.

Her tail was the first bit of her that seemed to suddenly become long and bushy. Then her back legs started and it crept up her back over the next few weeks. Her chest is now fluffing up and soon her head will be covered in long fluffy thick chocolate brown coat.

I was thinking, over my tea, that her body can now finally afford the resources to grow this luscious coat, nearly three years after she was rescued from starvation. Yes nearly three years to recover.

No surprise really, given what the Minnesota Starvation Study taught us about the effects of weight loss. The men in the study were limited to just 1560 calories a day for months and exercised heavily so they would drop 25% of their body weight.

Yes 1560 calories is considered starvation.

How many diets have you been on where you ate much less than that?

The study also told us it took one full year of the men eating as much food as they wanted to for their weight to first rebound higher and then return to their pre-study weight. It took that long too for them to report that they felt physically, emotionally and mentally ‘themself’ again. (Much more info on the weight loss lessons from this study in my free ebook, Dirty Little Secrets – get it now by signing up in the box on the top right).

With those lessons in mind it’s no wonder that Ms B’s body took this long to grow in what I think is her normal coat.

Who knew that she was never a black shorthair? She was always a chocolate brown fluff ball, her body was just in no shape to show her at her true colours.

Being a kitty, she never counted calories, weighed or measured anything, she just ate as much as she wanted to when she wanted to. For a street kitty she’s enormously fussy, won’t eat the organic raw diet the other animals eat, only eats cooked food (which is actually much easier to digest, I’ve just realised!) She followed her body’s instincts, gave it what it needed to repair and regenerate itself, finally reaching the outermost layers and growing that luscious coat.

A couple of years of good nutrition and lots of love and she’s the kitty she was always meant to be.



  1. Kathy Widenhouse on January 14, 2013 at 7:58 am

    Time truly is the great healer! Thanks for the wonderful insight. Helps to know that long-term self care is crucial. It’s not a one shot deal.

    • Sandy on January 14, 2013 at 8:42 am

      Kathy that’s for sure – we’re all really good at wanting the instant fix though hey? Maybe it’s just me 😉

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