The Easy Way to Quit Sugar Video One

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Video One – The Easy Way to Quit Sugar

Hello I’m Sandy Ross, and I’m a reformed sugar freak! This course is made up of five videos to help you get a picture of how sugar affects your body and your mind, and how you can quit sugar easily!

Each video is as short as possible but I’d like to urge you to watch each one so that you can get the full picture about sugar and make the choice about whether quitting sugar is for you.

Changing anything, including a major change to your diet like quitting sugar, comes down to two things:

  • Awareness and
  • Action

Once we know what’s happening or gain awareness – we can take action to change if we choose to do that.

So this course will help you gain new awareness about sugar and its impact on your body, and then we’ll get into action so you can quit sugar easily, without the usual cravings and withdrawals or switching to artificial sweeteners.

Honestly, if you quit sugar only because of the calories and you’re worried sugar will make you fat, you will go back to eating it.

I know this because as long as I can remember I’ve been able to eat sweet stuff easily, lots of it, and couldn’t understand anyone who said they didn’t really like sweet stuff.

Not that I know too many of those. I do know lots of people who say at various times – no I’m being good and not eating sugar, or no I’ve been bad so I can’t have any more or similar stuff – but the fact is that doesn’t last very long.

On diet after diet after diet that I did over 20 years, I quit sugar over and over again but I always went back to it.

Research that’s been done in the last couple of decades has shown us that sugar is addictive – it produces the same chemicals in your brain that alcohol or heroin do – it can cause the same feelings, you know that ‘lift’ you get when you chow down into the tim tams or the Cadbury’s chocolate, or the donuts?

Sugar helps us feel less stressed, brighter, and maybe even a bit more confident.

For a while anyway, and then the crash comes.

And also, quitting sugar can just be tough! Because so many foods are sugary and it’s so easy to just grab something, anything when you’re living a busy life – and who isn’t these days?

So what can you do? Yes you can just quit eating sugar and if it was that easy I for one would have done it 15 years ago when I first started to read about the way sugar does all this nasty stuff to our body and our mind. But I didn’t, because it’s tricky to avoid sugar, it’s tough to quit eating it, and it also didn’t make sense to me to stop eating sugar because I know our bodies  need five flavours:

  • sour
  • bitter
  • salty
  • pungent.
  • sweet

So if sugar was so bad for my body, why is it one of the flavours we need?

The big factor with our love for sugar is that sweet has pretty much always been a safe food – when we were hunter-gatherers, a sweet taste was almost always safe. And humans like to be safe. So sweet = safe, going back hundreds of generations. But sweet and sugar are not actually the same thing – we’ll get to that soon.

In the next video we take a look at how and why sugar messes with your emotions, and why it’s not your fault if you struggle to quit. So please watch for the next video. The link will be in your email tomorrow.

Till next time…

Sandy :)

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