The Power of Acceptance

If you’ve read this blog much, you’ll know that I love EFT for its power and its simplicity. I see people transform before my eyes, sometimes in minutes, sometimes it takes a few hours. But compare the person after four sessions with the person who first worked in the door, and they’re poles apart.

They are usually happier. They are usually working on a different set of issues than those they thought they wanted or needed to work through. They universally report the same feeling: lighter. I never prompt them for that word, they all just give it. The feelings they have are lighter.

Now, there are two ways to look at this and I’m not sure which is the more powerful.

The first is that EFT has done what it’s so brilliant at: it has released the emotional energy about that particular issue that’s been suppressed in the body for years, if not decades; probably since childhood.

truth The second is that they have acknowledged the truth, to a witness, of how their life and their emotions, their experiences and their thoughts, really are. For many it’s the first time they’ve said the things they’ve said to anyone, and for many, it’s the first time they’ve even acknowledged that truth to themselves.

When that person’s truth is framed into words and comes out of their mouth, transformation happens. Lightness, somehow, grows.

So often we hate what is, we resist it, we try to pretend it’s not so, we have an ongoing logical internal conversation or argument with ourselves about how it should be; we justify feeling righteous or angry or whatever. However you do it, unless you’re actually feeling the emotion and letting it move through you until it’s gone, it’s called emotional suppression.

If you’ve ever erupted into tears or anger, or shut down completely, that’s an indication emotional suppression doesn’t work.

In my paradigm that’s because energy must flow, that’s its nature. Energy suppressed will not stay suppressed forever, it will flow whether you want it to or not.

Using EFT’s simple powerful elegance is a way out of that:
“Even though I have [this feeling/thought/belief]] about [this issue], I love and accept myself anyway.”
And then moving quickly through the tapping points with a reminder phrase: [this feeling].

I know some methods of energy psychology focus completely on the tapping points and they are highly effective. Many people just want the feeling to be gone, they actually don’t care about finding out who said or did what to them when, which meant they developed [this feeling]. Some do want the insight. EFT does both.

I believe so strongly that a truth statement begins real movement that I keep coming back to EFT. You might find that you will experience some great shifts as well. Go download my free EFT resource, Take Two, and gift yourself some time to find remove the charge from the things in your life that plague you.

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