The Body Image Revolution Day 7 – How Much Poison Is Safe?

Once you start the shift to appreciating your body’s uniqueness and feeling it as the vehicle for your soul, you also start to care about what you put into it and onto it.

And that’s when it starts to get scary, because so much of what we put into and onto our bodies is a chemical cocktail that has unexpected, and often unknown effects on our physical, mental, and emotional health. And that’s where we need the expertise of people who can decipher the 20 syllable chemical names, and tell us what’s really going on behind the pretty packaging and very selective health claims. Body Image Revolution guest Dr Christine Farlow was exactly that expert.

Most people simply don’t think about the ingredients in our food or personal care products, because we trust that the manufacturers “wouldn’t be allowed” to add anything that would harm us. But that, says Dr Farlow, is simply not true. “There are regulations that say ingredients that cause cancer are not allowed to be added to food, but there was a lot of pressure from industry, so it was relaxed and now small amounts of these ingredients are allowed,” she said.

Personal care products like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, bubble bath, makeup and so on, are even scarier – because that industry is completely self-regulating. In other words, there are NO government requirements at all that any ingredients are tested safe. Many ingredients – including the cancer causers – penetrate the skin, and get straight into your blood stream.

People who are vaguely aware of potential dangers in these products can tend to rely on label descriptions to choose safer products. Words used to persuade us are ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ – and surprise, these words are not regulated either! So seeing the word on the label is no guarantee of quality, or safety!

So what to do? As with everything, the only way to make sure that you’re getting what you think you’re getting, is educating yourself. Dr Farlow offers simple to read but comprehensive ebooks and private membership sites to help you get the information you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Do the ingredients actually do for our skin and hair what they say they will do, and is that benefit worth the risk?

How much poison is too much?

Is there any such thing as safe products, or do we have to go back to growing and making everything our selves?

What health claims are accurate?

How can you minimise the risks?

We talked about all this, and much more, in an information packed hour with Dr Farlow – you can hear the full interview and read the ebook of the interview by purchasing the package below…

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