Perfect Brad Pitt

Is Brad Pitt the perfect man?

The Courier Mail (28 Jan 08) reports results of a survey of 20,000 plastic surgeons around the world, into their patients’ preferences.

Apparently the perfect woman has lips and eyes like Angelina Jolie, a chest like Pamela Anderson, a butt like JLo, nose like Nicole Kidman, and legs like Tina Turner, Sharon Stone, or Cameron Diaz.

The perfect man is Brad Pitt.

He was nominated most often for nose, abdomen, buttocks, eyes, chin, cheeks, lips, and forehead. Best legs are on David Beckham, and Arnie Schwarzenegger for best chest.

Which got me thinking how much easier it was to pick a perfect man than a perfect woman , and reminded me of something I read in Gina Kolada’s book, Rethinking Thin – she drew an interesting comparison between the current expectations of women’s body weight as compared to men’s body weight.

Take Brad’s ex- the lovely Jennifer Aniston.

She is 5’5” tall and weighs 110 pounds. This gives her a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 18.3. “Normal” begins at 18.5. So she’s underweight and widely admired for it.

Brad, at 6ft and weighing 159 pounds, has a BMI of 21.6. That comes into the “normal” range, 18.5 – 24.9.

If Brad had a BMI equivalent to Jen’s, he’d weigh 135 pounds. That’s a massive 24 pounds difference.

If Jen weighed 24 pounds more she’d have BMI of 21, well within “normal” and close to Brad’s BMI. She’d be significantly larger than she is now.

But – could she do that?

My guess is she’d be mercilessly hounded in the media around the world for ‘letting herself go’, attract fabulous names like porky, thunder thighs and bitchier versions usually reserved for a media darling who isn’t conforming to the narrow expectations of celebrity womanhood. The media frenzy would be horrendous, as it always is when women’s weight changes in any direction.

It’s like the fact that Barbie is 2000 times less like a real woman than Ken is like a real man.

Makes you wonder eh?

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  1. Joey Claggett on September 3, 2010 at 5:42 am

    Alicia Keys is a very intelligent and very talented strong black woman that is a good character model to every woman including myself. She also stay honest to herself and didn’t have to show extra skin to get were she at, but just letting us see who Alicia Keys is

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