Not Eating Can Make You Fat

not eating can make you fat

Not Eating Can Make You Fatter

The British Psychological Society’s annual conference in Ireland heard that people who starve themselves one day and binge the next will have a harder time losing weight.

Eating the same amount all the time gives you the best chance of losing weight, the research suggests.

Reported in the Courier Mail on 4-4-08, the research says eating the same amount day after day also helps you feel better about yourself and reduces the need for comfort eating.

Alternating starving and bingeing is more likely to make you feel dissatisfied with your looks, and then eat more for comfort.

They also found that having a more positive body image means you’re more likely to maintain a consistent weight.

All these findings after tracking the eating habits of 45 dieters for a whole week!!

The only controlled starvation study undertaken in modern history, the Minnesota Starvation Study, taught us a whole lot about the physical and emotional effects of eating less, including that reducing calories is a recipe for obsessing about food.

So the emotional bouncing about that’s reported above is no surprise. But what can really be learned about the body’s responses in a single week?

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