Number One New Year’s Resolution

So I was reading emails this morning, including one from a favourite traditional-foods nutritionist and there was a guest article by a fitness instructor. She was celebrating that the New Year brings out all the I-want-to-lose-weight type resolutions and how great that is for business in the weight loss and fitness industries.

And then she launched into why diets usually fail and we don’t carry through on our resolutions, and after about three paragraphs I gave up – it ws the same old story sadly.

Now paint me biased but I’m convinced that the whole idea that *this* is the year we’ll finally “lose the weight” is the number one New Year’s resolution is because it’s good for business. It’s got very little to do with what is actually healthy or worthy of putting our time and energy into.

Read it another way – “My New Year’s resolution is to deprive my body of enough energy to sustain it, switch to eating low calorie food-like substances, turn on my body’s craving mechanisms and myself into a raving loonie who can only think of devouring every fatty sugary food that comes within arm’s reach”.

Doesn’t sound quite so attractive now hey? 🙂 No wonder we fail – we set ourselves up for it really. Yes I am amused, we humans are so funny. And is the whole reason you’re here on this planet to be thin first so you can then do ‘the rest’? Or is the dream of your life more than that?

I answer those questions myself around about this time of the year, especially those quieter few days between Christmas and New Year. It’s time I used for evaluating and reflecting on the year and yes, setting New Year’s resolutions. Most of them don’t work out if I even remember what they were 🙂

This year I’m doing it differently though! I ‘found’ (you know how things you need just cross your path?) a truly beautiful planner and workbook that is so much more than a ‘choose a new year’s resolution’ process. It’s by an Aussie coach and artist in North Queensland called Leonie Dawson. She does beautiful whimsical water colour artwork and the entire workbook is filled with her delicious! images.

She’s all about dreaming the big dream and committing it to words, and for her the whole process has literally transformed her life. “It started making miracles. Changing lives. Making dreams happen,” she says. “It works. Like crazy.”

It’s an ebook (and you know I lerv me an ebook every time!) so I picked it up and am literally in love with it and with Leonie.

After the year I’ve had, I fully completely wholly intend for next year to be an incredibly great one, and Leonie’s gentle whole-of-life evaluation and logical but gentle instructions have given me such clarity.

It starts with instructions for designing a current year closing ceremony. My girls and I had been talking about doing just that on a beach at dawn on Jan 1. So immediately this struck a loud chord with me, I was hooked!

As Leonie says, “You’ve been sent here on a mission…. to grow wiser than you ever thought possible…. To find the light even in the darkest cave. The year happened to you the way it did for a reason… let’s clear the pathway for the miracles to come.” YES PLEASE!

Oh I know it sounds a bit soppy but it also feels sooo nurturing and I need that right now.

So I’ve started on a personal evaluation of 2012 – usually I just ponder the various events of the year over a cuppa, but this workbook has such pretty pages and mind opening leading questions, I am loving writing all over them!

I’ll write more about the process as I move through it, right now I’m in the ‘how was 2012’ section and it’s making me laugh, cry and really bask in how much loving support we’ve all received this year from so many unexpected places. (Teary with feeling so much comfort and support from so many people in so many places.)

Leonie Dawson Incredible Life Review If you’d like to join me in exploring YOUR 2012, Leonie’s beautiful workbook and journal is just $9.95 and you can download it instantly. I printed mine and put it into a binder. It’s filled with incredible worksheets, planners, and templates like these <–. I love it and hope you will too!

Go get it and we’ll journal our years and our lives together to make next year complete bliss 🙂



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