New Year Weightloss

It seems the madness is beginning again.

Yesterday in the supermarket queue, I idly scanned the magazine racks as usual. Nearly every magazine intended for women had as at least a bold subtitle on the cover some kind of weight loss programme – everything from bikini body to getting in shape for the New Year.

Years ago I used to buy them all, and test them keenly. The magazine racks yesterday were pretty empty so I imagine there are many women doing the same thing, and beating themselves up in a couple of weeks for not maintaining the weight loss the newest programme promised.

Madison’s weight loss article was a little different – the real reason you can’t lose those last five kilos. sigh.

Even Reader’s Digest were in on the act, with a story on the essential role of sleep in our lives – guess what, enough sleep can make you slimmer!

There were two exceptions to the ‘lose weight now’ messages on the women’s mags – one was the increasingly common “she’s too skinny” story about a celebrity, accompanied of course by a suitable pic of her bones poking out under her skin, and then in Cosmopolitan, to my shock, a “Body Peace” pact. Wasn’t it Cosmo which last year refused to hire a model the editor thought was too skinny?

Anyway, that headline (not quite the smallest on the cover) made me do something I’d not done for years – I bought a women’s magazine!

The story makes it all the way to page 144 of 194 pages, but it’s still refreshing to see a story like this at all!

It’s about finding your natural happy weight and getting on with life. Just what this blog’s about 🙂 But one article in the middle of hundreds of images of photoshopped ‘perfect’ very thin women… still, it’s a start.

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