New Year, New Resolutions

I don’t know about anyone else, but for me the last year was a hellava year – good and bad – and as it’s a New Year tradition to set some goals for the new year, I’ve naturally included this site which has received so much of my care and attention.

So here’s what I really did not like about the past year:

  • finally coming to terms with the state of my most significant relationship, and realising that no amount of hope or one-sided ‘work’ could change what was fundamentally flawed
  • walking away from the family home that had been a huge focus of time, attention and money, for years
  • moving further away from my lovely parents
  • leaving my beloved pets behind
  • discovering a devastating series of events which had been hidden from me
  • largely giving up my private practice because I did not have the personal resources to be supporting others through their life challenges
  • cancelling the 2011 series of Body Image Revolution, for the same reason as above
  • grieving for all the dreams of how life would be, that had formed a foundation of my life

And of course, in all adversity lies a great gift, and this is what I loved about the past year:

  • taking back my power
  • stepping out into the world on my own
  • finding a well of inner strength I didn’t know I had
  • moving closer to my beloved daughters, and appreciating them as the amazing adults they have become
  • being very open with my parents, and finding it surprisingly easy to do
  • working on a family research project which really opened my eyes to new aspects of life, and reminded me just how much I love working in a team
  • and finding new friends on that team
  • continuing to attract amazing women to this site
  • finding my way to building new friendships as a single person
  • finding and reconnecting with old friends, and feeling more like my extended and scattered family are part of my life, thank you Facebook
  • realising just how much help and support is out there, and exactly who will stand beside me when the going gets tougher than I ever imagined it could
  • and allowing that to rebuild my faith in human beings
  • beginning to rebuild my private practice in a whole new way, the details are still emerging
  • the opportunity to completely redesign my whole life, consciously
  • finding amazing teachers at just the right time
  • rediscovering the city library – bliss 🙂
  • and appreciating all of it, every day….

And really, I’m sure there’s much more. I was talking with a friend yesterday and telling her that I wasn’t sure about my future direction. But I have set a resolution to actively seek ways to create my own happiness this year. That means setting a new focus each month; this first month my focus is on my own energy – reclaiming lost energy, bolstering the energy I have, and adding to it. Step one is so simple, making sure I get eight hours sleep more nights than not.

This morning I woke feeling a bit of my old spark, and a twinkle of my old passion for this site.

And with it came the realisation that it’s time to extend the meaning of body bliss. I’m not quite sure exactly what that will mean, but I’m open to exploring it and seeing what comes up.

So, thank you loyal reader for bearing with me to the end of this post, and I wonder if you’d be willing to share your own intention for the year, and maybe what was best and worst of the last year?

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  1. Renee Heigel on March 7, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    I appreciate your sharing so transparently. It is the year for dramatic shifts and lasting change, for many of us. I just shared that “I believe that what makes me vulnerable, makes me beautiful.” at, and your post is a really wonderful example of how vulnerability and sharing and moving forward helps bring our vision closer. Thank you so much.

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