Negative Body Image Primer

body-image-shieldIt’s Not Your Fault You’re Still Struggling With Your Body

There’s a whole marketing machine built around negative body image, making you feel that every part of your body is not good enough.

When you believe that you’re not good enough, the marketing machine will sell you ‘solutions’ that don’t work anyway.

But you can change that.

You can build a shield against that massive and expert manipulation machine. You can re-examine what you think you believe is true about you, about women, about our bodies, and consciously choose what you think and feel.

I know, it’s easy to say but not at all easy to do.

But you’re here – and it’s my dearest wish that the info and resources on Body Bliss Central can help you to boost your self-esteem and  enjoy life in your amazing body.

I know you might want to lose weight, get fitter, change something else about your body.

It’s my experience that when you give yourself love every day, when you treat yourself and your body with the respect and kindness you deserve (just because you’re a human) you’re much more likely to nurture and nourish your body instead of deprive and punish it.

And I hope these articles will be the next step to help you along on that journey. Each of the links below – each one will open in a new page so you don’t lose this page. When you’ve finished reading, close that page and you’ll be back here, ready to read the next piece that can help you complete your own unique picture of how you see yourself.

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