More Botox Side-Effects

Okay so perhaps the first subject I want to talk about today isn’t a side-effect (though WTF? could be diagnosable!)

Point One today is the story reported by Cherry Woodburn about The Human Barbie (Sarah Burge) “sharing the needle” – the Botox Needle – with her 16 year old daughter.

Ms Burge has had over 100 cosmetic procedures herself, and while it’s no one else’s business what she chooses to do to her body – and money – I wonder about the wisdom of choosing to inject her very young daughter with Botox.

It is, she says, to protect her daughter from back-street ripoff merchants, because her daughter is concerned about lines around her mouth and on her forehead, and kids at school are talking about having “B”.

I’ve written a few times about Botox, so clearly I’m not a fan of the stuff; it changes the way we experience emotions.

What Happens to Botox Once It’s In Your Body?

And this brings me to my second point.

The stuff wears off right? So your body is doing something with it. It doesn’t just kind of evaporate through your skin and out into the air.

(Imagine that – you’d be sitting next to someone who’s had botox and be breathing in their botox vapour _ LOL. Gross. No that’s not what happens, thanks God!)

As I was saying – your body processes it out. Out to other parts of the body.

Remember botox is botulism, one of the deadliest poisons we know. Botulism is usually a food-borne toxin, and it’s considered a medical emergency because it paralyses muscles. Imagine if it paralysed your diapragm, you would not be able to breathe!

And that’s why a person with botulism is rushed to hospital and closely monitored, until your body can deal with the stuff.

Botox quickly begins moving from the site of the injection into other parts of the body.

Well, it does in rats – what odds it does in humans too?

There’s a reason people need ‘top-ups’ isn’t there?

Research indicates botox, which is remember, the highly toxic botulism, a rare disease that causes paralysis, when injected into the face, migrates to various parts of the brain.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be a little concerned about what a toxin known to cause paralysis is getting up to in my hippocampus!

For a future post, I would like to speak with an acupuncturist about the energetic side effects of the botox injections into the various face points, which also happen to coincide with acpuncture points. Join my site newsletter today to get an update on this.

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