Just For Men – Don’t Do It!!

grey haired man

I don’t watch much television, but I was watching something the other night and caught an ad that made me feel so uncomfortable that I felt queasy in the stomach! I’m an advocate for being who you are, and quitting all the pretending.

I did a quick youtube search and couldn’t find the exact ad but there were plenty of others for the same product!

Here’s one:

A couple of things made me feel queasy:

1. What? There’s a hair dye that targets grey hair only?

But the ad implies that somehow, magically, it only works on mens’ hair.

Maybe mens’ hair is so different to women’s hair that they need different concoctions to cover their greys.

So it wouldn’t cover women’s greys?

And really, a way to target just one colour of hair would surely have completely changed the whole hair colour industry. Conclusion: what the?

2. Having grey hair, and worse, allowing it to be visible to other people (gasp) somehow makes you appear less active, successful, attractive and desirable

(because as we know it’s our duty to be as attractive and desirable as we are capable of being, to as many people as possible)?

Another ad in the series suggests that you can hide only the grey that hides your energy, but keep the grey that shows your experience!?!

Sorry, that’s hilarious! I mean, how would you choose????

Conclusion: un-bloody-believeable! Really???

I can only guess that the ad campaign is working for the company or they’d be finding a different message.

When I saw this ad I wanted to yell at the TV and the world – No! Guys! DON’T DO IT!

Don’t let yourself get sucked into their “you-are-not-enough-anymore-unless-you-use-our-product” warped story.

Don’t follow the females of the species who’ve been battered with these crappy messages for generations at ever younger ages (and it’s always “you-are-not-enough-unless-you-use-our-product”).

Think about this: when did you last see an ad which undermined your sense of self worth around your intelligence?

“Feeling like a loser today? Do our course and you’ll have women flocking to your side to admire the high-speed whirring of the fitter faster brain cells that will only be tuned up by our exclusive secret-ingredient course.”

Yes I can’t imagine ads like that either.

Joking aside though, when you can turn an ad around and apply its message to something other than way you look, you’ve got a fighting chance of resisting the pounding that your self-esteem could take from them.

Seriously – do you think women are so shallow that they care more about the colour of your hair than whether you’ve got a decent sense of humour, treat women with respect, have a reasonable job, care about what happens in the world? And if they do care more about the colour of your hair, ask yourself if that’s the kind of woman you’d want to spend more than a couple of hours with?

It’s your choice.

Please – resist, and you won’t be assimilated.

Heh, here’s a bloke commenting on the products – love it! Still, I bet most women pay zero attention to ads targetted at women and never give them a thought… what do you reckon?

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