Five Ways To Improve Negative Body Image

Negative body image can ruin your life

Five Ways To Improve Negative Body Image

Negative body image is at epidemic levels. Hundreds of millions of girls and woman across the planet are struggling with the pain and limitation of negative body image every day, and it is a major contributor to the deadly epidemic of eating disorders.

When a girl suffering from negative body image becomes a woman, she does not simply ‘grow out of it’.

It is more likely that she will hide her feelings and behaviours from the world, and only those nearest and dearest to her will see some of the effects.

For example, her husband or partner may wonder why she does not enjoy sex, or allow him to see her naked, but may not understand why she behaves that way. He may make it mean she is not attracted to him, and you can image what this will do to a relationship!

ashamed Negative body image affects every area of life though, not only private moments between partners.

A woman with negative body image will probably feel far less confident about stepping up when an opportunity to earn more money comes along, or to apply for the promotion.

If she’s in an abusive relationship, she is far less likely to stand up for herself.

And over the years, the cycle of restricting food followed by the inevitable binge will damage her health.

So what can we do about this epidemic of negative body image?

We can lobby governments to change advertising standards, to force magazines to disclose when they have digitally altered photographs, and to force clothing manufacturers to produce clothing in realistic sizes.

To my mind, those are longer-term solutions. Governments in Europe, Australia, and South America are taking those steps.

But the results are not showing up for women yet.

There must be another prong to this movement of change, and it is in the body acceptance movement.

For me what that means is that we can each choose to do a few simple things that will over time help us feel happier with ourselves, with our normal human bodies in all their diversity.

Five Tips to Improve Negative Body Image

Try these tips:

  • Start and end the day by saying: “My body is my friend”, even if you don’t believe it right now.
  • Stop buying the magazines that crow about the imperfection of women’s bodies and then sell you hundreds of pricey so-called solutions, they only make you feel worse! There are great alternatives on the newsstand, just look for them! They will feed your mind and take your focus off the plastic princess celebrity culture.
  • Start watching your thinking. When you notice you’re comparing yourself to other women, examine what you’re saying and decide if that’s what you really want to believe, or if it is adding to your negative body image.
  • Stop criticizing your body’s “imperfections” – yes you can! Start with the five minute process I teach, here.
  • Start appreciating what your body actually can do, achieve, help you experience. That body you’re in is helping you read this page right now, carrying all the negative energy of your thoughts, and still doing the thousands of little tasks it must do every second to keep your soul/life force/whatever you believe, connected to life on this planet in this time.

One person at a time loving their body can change the world!

Use a technique like EFT to help you completely eliminate the negative thoughts and feelings about your body, so you don’t have to think about this – you will just be positive!


  1. Miranda on June 3, 2011 at 1:36 am

    Its not that im “fat” I get my negativness from knowing I hae to be a certain weight and before my child I was well udner weight. First Elistment i was 129lbs, I’m 5’10”, this was a unhealthy low weight. After my litle one now i weigh in at 186lbs. I want and need that happy medium, Just cant get there. I as unhappy with my body at my low weight cause i was so tiny and looked sick, now I’m to over weight. I dont know how to make myself think im pretty how i am. Negative body image has always been a big problem for me. Any more help on body image sre would help lots, although reading this has helped me out.

    • Sandy on June 3, 2011 at 8:55 pm

      @Miranda, I’m wondering where you got the idea that you have to be a certain weight?

      I’d like to say that getting to that place where you really do think you’re pretty is a journey, and the fact that you’re here looking for answers means you’ve taken the first step.

      The fact is we’re so accustomed to comparing and criticising ourselves that it’s become a habit – and we’ve never developed the habit of looking at the things about ourselves that are pretty – maybe your hair is naturally thick and wavy, and your ankles are well defined, or whatever… Start with noticing that one thing every day, whenever you notice that you’re in that old cycle of feeling bad about your body, remind yourself of that one great thing as well – it will bring some balance, honest! And every time you can do that, it’s one small step.

      Also, keep reading this and other body-positive blogs – we all need support when we are making change, otherwise we drop back into the old habits.

      Also, the body bliss 101 course ( might be really helpful for you!

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