Is Guided Meditation Better Than Self Meditation?

This is the second part in my short series on meditation – because we know we *should* but it’s not always that easy to fit in 🙂

Life has its challenge moments right, and the practice of meditation can help you handle them much more easily than you do right now. There are all kinds of meditation that you can practice.

Some people choose to do it on their own through self meditation. Others use what’s known as guided meditation. I’ve used both kinds – when I’ve been feeling stressed and overwhelmed I’ve used guided meditation cos it gives me something to think about other than what’s causing the stress 🙂

If you’re new to meditation, you might find that you’re struggling to know which form is the right one for you to use.  For anyone new to meditation, the best one to choose is the guided form.

It leads you verbally into the state of relaxation, to imagining tranquil settings where you can also imagine relaxing fully, breathing easily.

What I love about guided mediation is that you’re not left wondering what to do next because the guide takes you from start to finish with clear instructions. You learn how to use the power of visualization to promote healing and relaxation.

With this type of meditation you aren’t limited to any place or particular time. It can be done any time and any place. Guided meditation tools work with whatever technology items that you have.

They’ll work with your iPhone or your laptop or CD player. This means that as you grow in the practice, you can use it any time that you need that calming break to center yourself.

When you learn about this form of meditation, what you’ll learn about first is how to relax each of the muscles within your body. The meditation guides you into slowly releasing any pent up tension that you might unconsciously be holding onto.

Next you’ll concentrate on the breathing exercises that the guided meditation will walk you through.

As you take part in the meditation, you’ll gain calmness, learn to let go of stress, clearer thinking ability and you’ll be able to find the connection between the mind and the body. You might want to sign up for The Stillness Project – this is an event where over a million people globally are led in meditation by Tom Cronin – this is fascinating and what a vision!

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