Every day when I look in the mirror I have a little conversation with myself, and since it’s something I don’t really have an answer for, I end up putting off the decision I need to make until tomorrow: it’s about going grey gracefully.

My good friend Miriam, like me, has very dark hair. She’s just a few years older than I am and a few years ago, she was lamenting the need to get her roots done – again – to her hubby. Who said, “When do you think you’ll stop doing that?” And Miriam thought – hey that’s a good question. I’ll stop now.

And she did.

When she told me about it I laughed with her, at her ‘bravery’ and honesty – she’s like that, Miriam :).

And since then I’ve been wondering about going grey gracefully, mostly when I see Miriam and her lovely salt’n’pepper locks, and when I see my own hair in good light.

Thing is, I need a cut, badly. I’ve been putting it off for about ten weeks! because I need to decide what to do about the colour!

Just after that convo with Miriam I had one with my hairdresser, and she suggested I use a demi-permanent instead of a semi-permanent. I’ve been doing that for a few years now and I like it – the silver covered with a demi-permanent colour becomes kind of a natural highlight, less stark against my very dark hair than the grey.

I’m very lucky really, to have inherited my dad’s dark hair. Dad is in his mid 70s and has a fine sprinkling of grey through his hair, which still covers his whole head. Like his mum, who had the same kind of hair right up until she passed in her late 80s.

So it’s not like I have that many greys at all – maybe 1%.

It’s annoying me that I’m procrastinating about this, after all it looks good on George :) But there’s a few reasons why:

one, I’m you know, a love-your-body-anyway advocate and what does is say about me if I keep fudging and resisting going grey gracefully?

two, I’ve always liked playing with hair colour, at one point I had fuchsia pink streaks which my hairdresser called my ‘happy hair’ because I loved it – but I’m also impatient to be doing stuff and four hours in a hairdresser’s chair is not my idea of a fun time, it’s more something that has to be endured; and

three, it bothers me that all we women are pouring millions of tonnes of chemical hair colourings into our waterways every year, in the name of beauty or fun. I do know there is natural hair colour but I’ve not yet found a hairdresser who can do the natural stuff as a demi-permanent colour.

So there you have it – my going grey gracefully dilemma – I’m impatient about all that wasted time at the hairdresser, I’m a guilty greenie, and I wonder about the congruence around colouring my hair and being a body love advocate….

What do you think? What decisions have you made? Since I’m quite conflicted about this I’d appreciate hearing some other experiences…

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